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Unsafe_Sax_54 64M
1927 posts
2/13/2018 8:38 am
National Security Meeting

Everyone who is anyone is at the National Security Meeting. It's not over, and I can't say I heard every word, but one "Security" issue I have not seen yet is Global Warming.

But wait! Didn't barry say it was the #1 threat? To combat it, he proposed $9/gal gas, Carbon Credits and a variety of energy policies which, in his words, were going to send energy costs "through the roof".

This is even a better wealth-redistribution scam than Obamacare. Your pet "scientists" tell you if you're winning or losing the "war". Everyone must "sacrifice" to defeat the "enemy".

With this sort of thinking and the recent "Deep State" revelations, I feel we were teetering on the brink of becoming something other - and much worse - than the Republic our Founders envisioned.

Unsafe_Sax_54 64M
1307 posts
2/13/2018 8:40 am

Pity someone doesn't man-up and admit that Progressives, their MSM propaganda wing and their drooling followers (foreign and domestic) are the enemy.

Maisie2013 67F
19033 posts
2/13/2018 10:09 am

And just when I thought I had cornered the market on gas masks, they tell me we are not going to die by breathing.
Interesting though, that the one place that still has air polluted cites, and people wearing masks is China. The Paris Accords gave them another 10- 30 years to do something about it, while the US would foot the bill.