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CarolinaPanthera 58F
265 posts
2/13/2020 2:06 pm
Pelosi, Schumer Joint Statement on Trump’s Latest Attempt to Steal Military Funding

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CarolinaPanthera 58F
3627 posts
2/13/2020 2:13 pm


LeafReport 68M
2901 posts
2/13/2020 5:18 pm

Gosh it's horrific. What are we going to do?

dusty117 69M
1114 posts
2/13/2020 7:11 pm

Interesting that Pelosi/Schumer use a term like Trump's "latest theft". I've been wondering if and when Trump's opponents will get up the nerve to call a spade a spade and a thief a thief.

Is Trump a thief … he was court ordered to repay 25 million in a settlement for money 'stolen' from Trump University students … he was court ordered to repay 2 million for misuse of charitable funds … there might be more.