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WellKnownAuthor 63M
12/6/2018 7:47 am


Some mild stones take far more than just time
Before they can be carved in granite, quartz or lime

For Rock hard faces, can be Rushed no More
Other mountains to climb, so many peaks too soar

The newest shall happen in less than one day
When magical win 903, elevates special coach K

A hard court contest, versus Michigan's big ten fate
Passing Bobby Knight, as the men's 's winningest great

His departed folks, no doubt will both be looking down
As a blue and white wave erupts, as that final buzzer sounds

Such a profound journey slowly taken, step by step
From little Chi Town Weber High, to a West Point Cadet

As a student senior, he proudly earned his captain's bars
On his home hard wood court , not quite yet traveling afar

Five years serving his country, before he would unite
With his former West Point coach, Mr Bobby Knight

Thus began his coaching career, now entering his 37th year
The first five at the Point, the next 32 at Duke right here

In Durham N C, where the yearly K-Ville tents are pitched
All Dukes students his loved family, whether poor and rich

Such rich traditions always experienced, and so deeply heart felt
Carried out by many wonderful people, both high profile and stealth

It far more than just a college, as Coach K often glances out
From his upstairs campus office, in hearing all those tent kids shout

No other higher school of learning coaches, across this vast land
Can come close to matching, this most remarkable amazing man

As a coach, a teacher, role model, husband and dad
Three proud daughters, his wife of 35 years ever so glad

Three National titles, and four times Men's College hoop coach of the year
Did I mention winning four Olympic Gold Medal in arriving here ?

To the all time wins record, breaking the tie with his former mentor
That Christain Laetner buzzer beater, over the defending Kansas center

So know his Mild stones , are among the best in all of Sports
This includes ball diamonds, rinks, fields and other hoop courts

To you coach K, all America should both Honor and Stand
Greatness and Immortality deeply earned, so WELL IN HAND !

FOOTNOTES : This poem was written by me on the afternoon of Nov. 16, 2011 some five hours before Coach Mike Krzyzewsko and his Duke Blue Devils took to the hardwoods on the road and notched a hard fought well deserved 74 to 69 victory over a top ranked Michigan State Spartan team.
This win was symbolic in the sense that it was win number 903 putting Coach K ahead of his Mentor Bobby Knight as the all time Wins leader in NCAA Division One Collage History.
More mildstones were to follow as on Jan 26, 2015 Coach K notched his 1000th win in a come from behind road victory over a very competitive St. Johns Redmen squad in where else but Madson Square Garden long time host court to some of the greatest college and professional basketball games ever played.
To add icing to the cake, this years unblemished Kentucky team at 28 and 0 was in the writers poll for being perhaps the greatest College hoop team of all time. Upset by the impressive big champ Wisconsin Badger team, Duke came out of nowhere to beat Wisconsin in the Championship game of the big dance. A remarkable feat when Duke was picked as a real long shot at 50 to 1!

Coach Krzyzewski is in good health and a won't turn 69 until Feb. 13 about three quarters of the way into the 2016 Collage Hoop season. With each win he sets a new record and is among the top four coaches in all of America for recruiting the top high school talent across the land to join his Duke Blue Devil Program!
His Summary still going strong:

Five National Championships to date.

Four Olympic Gold Medals coaching.

Five times Men's College Coach of the year awards.

All time wins record now standing at 1018 Victories in 42 years.

Written by Dan M. 03561 Nov. 16, 2011

update to 2018

Mike Krzyzewski and Pat Summitt appeared together on the cover of Sports Illustrated in 2011, when they were named co-sportspersons of the year. Saturday, almost seven years later, the men’s all-time leader in college basketball wins finally passed the women’s all-time leader in NCAA basketball wins.

The Duke coach won his 1,099th game Saturday when the Blue Devils beat Rhode Island 87-62 in the second round of the NCAA tournament, finally passing the late Tennessee coach, who died in 2016.

WellKnownAuthor 63M
437 posts
12/6/2018 8:20 am

Today I am posting TWO BLOGSs both related to Men's and Woman's College Basketball which have become America's most aired and viewed sports programing.

For you hoop fans, perhaps the greatest college men's basketball team ever assembled will be telecast over the next several months leading into March Madness a show case of modern day talent that has taken its long legacy to brand new levels of skill and excellence.

Be sure to read the Woman's side of my duel posts about all the ingredients of greatness, humanity and perseverance all rolled into one


Rudyk9dad 66M
181 posts
12/8/2018 9:47 am

I remember her

sportsbuffHal 61M
181 posts
12/17/2018 10:48 am

his records can never be broken.