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"How sad, a heart that does not know what love is, that does not feel the greatness of love. If it doesn't have true love, how can it enjoy the blinding light of the sun, the beautiful colors of the rainbow and the soft light of the moon?"

Posted:May 10, 2019 4:56 am
Last Updated:May 14, 2019 1:53 pm
Having been very busy with a lot of important issues, I was unable to post any blog previously. But today the 10th of May, it is essential for me to post this meaningful and devoted blog for the 2nd year of my husband's demise. Since or decades ago, I had kept something secret from him for a genuine reason but today I want to disclose it on this blog.

-- My forever irreplaceable beloved husband, today the 10th of May, a date which remains such a memorable yearly date which neither me nor our unique would ever forget. On this precised date, 2 yrs back, while sadly gazing at us, you took your last breath and closed your sorrowful eyes to never open them again. Our heartache has never ceased and the remembrance of your exceptional being, a model husband and father, your kindness, your tender care, your valuable advice, your endless love and your wishes, are still and will remain alive in our mind. The entire memory of you, cannot and will never fade away.

~~ On our wedding day, we had faithfully and ardently pronounced our vows with devotion. The vows to hold from that day forward, were: "For the better, for the worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and health, until death do us part", We have shared all of these together with our deep and endless love. We had always overcome a few infrequent momentary little ups and downs during our 45 yrs of marriage but.... nothing could ever drift us apart, except your demise.

Furthermore, I remember the time you had to undergo a major surgery at the London Clinic, UK. I was so worried, so fearful and so desperate concerning your state of health. I was powerless but I kept hoping and praying for you, my beloved husband, I went and spent lengthy time in the Chapel of clinic, praying before and throughout your 6 hours surgery.

~~ I fervently begged our Merciful God to be with you, to bless you, to guide those surgeons and to make your surgery successful. I faithfully and tearfully asked God to share my strength with you and to even take some years from my own life to add them to yours, I offered my blood to be transfused to you if needed, to lengthen your life. Those were my sincere prayers and my devotion for you, my dear husband. This was the untold secret I never revealed to you, so that it wouldn't affect you psychologically and emotionally.

Nevertheless, God had heard my prayers, my supplication and my plea and he had graciously granted us all our wishes. Your surgery was a success, you regained your strength and thereafter, we continued our life together, until our Lord God decided to call you home. Hence, where you are now, please forgive me for this purposeful untold secret.

I will never stop my gratitude to God for the long happy life we've lived together and my praises be always to God for his merci and blessings on us. Our life is an open book with pages written in gold about our happiness and devotion, our understanding and tolerance, our empathy and...our endless love. My infinite thank to you for all you'd done for me and for our . You were really one of a kind.


Posted:Jul 31, 2018 4:21 am
Last Updated:Apr 13, 2019 5:57 am


I took a stroll down memory lane today, not to be saddened by the lost of my people or friends that I have known, but to be grateful for the memories that I had shared with them. I took a stroll down memory lane to recall the great moments; the laughters, the joy, the emotion, the love and also the sad and tough moments of those past periods. Yes, I've taken a stroll down memory lane once more to hear their explicit voices and to vision again their facial expressions: in happiness, in sadness, in anger, in doubts and in mistrust ect ect. I took a stroll down memory lane, I have done it before and will do it again. Sometimes a short walk down memory lane is all it takes to review and analyze our deeds, our behaviours, our endeavours and to compare relatively where we are today.

Memory is the coherence of life, that possesses all our emotions, and ambitions. Without it, our joyous as well as our agonizing experiences of life won’t have any significance to us, whatsoever. If we feel we are missing out sometimes, it may be because we simply forget to consult the past or neglect to think up its ties with the presence. When the shimmer of the past is melting into the presence, spreading a scent of attentiveness and inquiringness, our mind may ask for a new reading of the story of our life. An innocuous flicker from a hazy sequence in our memory lane can affect our current awareness, making us raise questions, throwing new light on our expectations; crafting an airy vision of the future.

People walk down the memory lane to enable them to ponder upon many things: some trivials and/or some consequential actions that resulted either a delightful bliss or a distressful surprise. If we lose our memory, we lose our identity and our identity is the accumulation of our experiences. When we walk down the memory lane, it can be unconsciously, willingly, selectively, impetuously or sometimes grudgingly. By following our stream of consciousness we look for lost time and things of the past. Some reminiscences become anchor points that can take another scope with the wisdom of hindsight. A retrospection of past events and situations, is needed in one's own life. It's an assessment of occurrences, showing why and where one stands presently. Has it generated a delightful bliss or a distressful surprise?.
To each his own, however.
Thanks for your read and views.

Posted:Jul 5, 2018 3:50 am
Last Updated:Jan 29, 2019 6:20 am
One of the most glorious days of my life was The 7th JULY 1993, a date which will be remembered forever in my mind.

After an easy pregnancy, I was admitted on the 6th July '93, in a pre-reserved neonatal private clinic., as it was the expectant time for a great event. An event which my deceased hubby with I, had been waiting patiently, carefully and happily for. A couple of hours after our arrival there, it was the right time for me. My Drs were already there, had prepared everything ready for the medical intervention, and my husband was also in the labour room, attending to my giving birth to our little angel. A beautiful healthy baby girl of 3.8 kg, who first saw the day light of that morning of THE 7th JULY 1993.

We were told at priori, it would be a baby girl, so, we had already and carefully chosen her names to be. They were: Sarah-Jane Emily. We wanted her to have the initials: S as her dad and E as me her mom, then followed by our family name. Baptized at 3 months, started Kindergarten school at 3 and 1/2 years, admitted in Primary school at 5 yrs of age, had her first religious communion at 7 yrs old. After her 6 yrs of primary schooling, she has attended the college for 7 yrs at the end of which she had passed the final exams and obtained her HSC from Cambridge UK; then she was admitted at the University in France where she had studied and graduated in Neuropsychology and done her training in the CHU hospital. Emily had then chosen to further her education in Research of same field and has completed her Masters degree now. She has been chosen by a prominent and distinguished International Company in France, that pays her for her internship and research in Human brain functions and H.I.M (Human Interfacing Machines). But Emily is aiming at continuing in doing the highest level, that is her Doctorate/PhD in research.

"On The 7th July 2918, will be Emily's 25th birthday. I have dedicated this special blog to her and I wish her with all my motherly love: "A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY, my beloved and Thank you for making us proud of you ". Surely your dad (who is) in heaven now, is similarly wishing you so... but silently. Wishing you all continuous success in your life and many great years ahead. Though each and every of your previous birthdays before, you used to celebrate them with us here, but this year for your 25th birthday it's otherwise, you are far away, due to your work engagement. On this great day of yours, all my tender thoughts, all of my heart and my love are specially for you and with you, there in France. God bless you."

My dear readers, on the 25th birthday of my cherished Emily, I am so happy sharing this blog with you, relating to her progressive development: from her babyhood up to her adulthood, below are some relative photos. Hoping you'll enjoy its entirety.
Thank you for your read and views.

NB: My above email is been posted 2 days ahead of my 's birthday (7th July), because I'll be busy on that day. Thanks for your understanding.

Posted:Jun 19, 2018 5:19 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2019 8:39 am
One day, during the recent few months, an unimaginable bird appeared in my garden. Perched on a branch where he wanted to roost, he started to chirp and chirp seeking my attention. His concentration and intentness were significantly aimed at me. I didn't notice it at first, as I was observing some unpleasant weeds in that area. Moments later, surprisingly that bird tweeted a beautiful tune to precisely draw my attention. I then listened to that sharp pitch and eyed that bird. His wondrous t was noticed and could be easily heard. I was really amazed by his distinguished presence, by his chirps and his gentle tweets for me. I then named him " King". He roosted in that environment and then started flying over and around me. I watched it closely, he was so delightful and he made me the center of his sole attraction. He opted to roost on a tree and chirps daily for me. Waking me up pleasingly in my morning time and hearing my vocal response, he diss a great joy, hopping around, springing up, reacting merrily for my presence and I am also happy watching and hearing it too. He makes me smile when I am sad, morose or sulky. In his way he changes my mood.

Sometimes I wonder, and sometimes I get bewildered, but I really enjoy the presence of "king" the lovely bird in my garden. It has since been a bond between us. We don't miss each other every day. Many times, I do want to hold King tenderly in my hands, touch it, to pet it, to let it feel my gentleness and to exemplify our bond. In other ways to signify its presence in and around my space, as he relishes it as well. But it's far above me, I just look at it up there, we gaze at each other intensely and our cheerfulness blooms in the air. When King chirps it makes me smile and It tweets for me expressively. When it sings for me, it enchants my day and gives me a high spirit. If I don't see King, am sad. King has since become an essential part of my life. A bliss and an unexpected delight brightening up any of my gloomy days. At night, it's roosting there until the morning light appears, then it starts again warbling for me as it usually does everyday. I am really lucky and so pleased of having King, my unexpected faithful and loyal companion, my favorite lovely bird and the King of my garden. I certainly know that "King" senses my delightful admiration for its daily gentleness, its pleasing behaviors and its aim at enthralling me in every way it can. In my own simple way, I tell him: "Thank you so much my lovely and fainating King.

Wishing you a nice read, hoping the story has pleased you.

Posted:May 10, 2018 2:56 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2019 8:48 am
Dear readers, today, I am back with this special blog, it's my first for this present year, as I wanted it to be The Commemoration of the First Anniversary of my Husband's demise on the 10th May 2017. It's a Reverence, an Homage with all respects, a tribute to an exceptional man in my life during our 45 years of marriage. He's been a respected man all through, with lots of virtues and integrity, an absolute devoted man to his beloved family. Therefore, I have devoted my first blog of this year to him.
Thank you sincerely for your read and views.

Our beloved and unforgettable hubby and dad, it's one year to date, since you've left us when God had called you home, in his great heaven. You've left us with regrets, shedding the last tears from your green eyes. Too weak, you were unable to tell us "Goodbye", but just staring at us until... You drew your last breath, then finally, your eyelids closed to never open again. These moments are explicitly engraved in our memory and in our hearts. Just... as your voice is distinctly recorded in our mind, which we'll never fail to recall. If I could give you some of my strength and health, to survive some more time, I would have voluntarily done so.... but Halas!!. God had wanted it otherwise.

Despite your regrettable demise, your words and your advice will never be forgotten, Your wisdom, your quotes and your paragon, are for us, such great lessons. All through your life with us, you've been an exemplary spouse and father. You've done all your utmost best to give us such a decent and comfortable life. Our fanciful and important needs, you had provided us without any complain. Your respect, your care, your attention, your tolerance, your devotion and most of all "Your love", were a bundle of treasures that made our life marvelous as you wanted it to be. Your aim for our future, as you so desired and expressed it , will be achieved.

Emily and I, we'll follow and accomplish all your former requests to us. Your best wishes for each of us, we've vowed to fulfill them accordingly. Those special memories of you, will always bring a tender smile to us. Your sweet and distinguish fragrances are still being smelt in your room. Though you have humbly bowed to death to honor God and his supreme will. If we could have you back just for a little while, we would feel so blissful. But... where you are now, you feel no pain, no suffering, no anxiety, and no fear. As you've gone to heaven with God, who's keeping you in his mighty devine home. You are surely watching over us and guiding us from above, with the same devotion. Wherever we are or will be, we shall always remember you with love and admiration.


From your Widow and :
Elizabeth (Lisa) and Emily.

Posted:Dec 30, 2017 1:05 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2019 8:51 am
My dear readers, I do apologise for being extremely busy during Christmas period. I couldn't respond on time to each of your wonderful comments posted on my recent blog for Christmas, Blog which was dedicated to all of you . Therefore, being less busy now, I have responded to each of you on there. Your warm hearted and enthusiastic comments have really delighted me. Thanks a million for your visits, for your likes and for your kind feelings. I hope you have enjoyed Christmas day and its celebrations, and for those who did not celebrate Christmas, I also hope you have enjoyed a wonderful holiday.

I wish you "A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018" . May this New Year be a Peaceful and Prosperous Year. May you remain in good health and/or get noticeable improvements in your health issues which is importantly my GREATEST WISH and may this new year bring you happiness, hope and success in all your deeds and plans.
Thank you again from the core of my heart.

Posted:Dec 22, 2017 12:34 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2019 8:55 am
Here comes a time when each of us feels and enjoys the special period of festivities. For those of us, who celebrate Christmas, New Year or just the particular Holidays. It's a joy, a special time to spend with families, friends and loved ones. For those who are poor, sick, homeless, dependent, dejected, miserable and lonely, whichever particular case one may be. I hereby sincerely send each and everyone ALL MY BEST WISHES: For the festivities and for the improvement of one's instance and situation. May each of us treasures the luck, the ability and the chance of celebrating these festivities in company of your loved ones, with family or friends, may you enjoy each of these precious moments. And for those in different situation, may you keep heart, have faith and hope for the improvement of your particular case. The invisible power and the merciful will help you unexpectedly.

I, for one, by tradition and custom and by practice, I've set everything accordingly for these festivities but....I have no fully heart at these, as I still feel the miss my lale spouse and the physical presence of my who is actually in France for her studies. With both of them at home before, as a trio, we used to prepare happily the special celebrations. Halas!! How time has changed and Yes, the memories of my hubby, linger on and the absence of my also weighs too. This is a different instance, but I try to bear it, to accept the predestination, and I try to be strong though deep in my heart, the love and the miss are anchored in there. There are others in similar cases, I know and this thought gives me strength and I keep my faith and live with.

Therefore, for these festivities, I wish each and everyone of all my readers, bloggers, chatters and members of SFF: " A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY HOLIDAYS AND A PROSPEROUS, PEACEFUL, HEALTHY AND HOPEFUL NEW YEAR 2018". wherever you are or will be. Thank you for reading me.
With all my best thoughts.

Posted:Dec 12, 2017 7:53 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2019 8:55 am
Solitude is a physical isolation, stillness and a total privacy from others. To be in solitude means to be alone and in silence, a sort of meditation.
You are physically alone and in isolation; psychologically in total privacy, detached and totally silent and absorbed. You may be passively pondering on the past and the present and/or on different issues. But at that time, your mind is not silent, it may be asking questions and finding answers; it's a type of mental speeches, words themselves spring up. Your mind records your sadness and your joy, your thoughts and resolutions.
.All of us have the natural ability to be in a state of solitude. How many of us have actually experienced this state?. In time of solitude, solutions to even complex problems occur to you almost effortlessly at this time. Be it good or not, your determinations crop up.

When you are in solitude, you may think about your dear ones, near or far, about the great times you've spent with them and about the occurrences. You feel the miss, an emptiness, a void, you realize their influence in your life, which you may have disregarded. You tend to reevaluate your closeness with one or others. All these revolve in your mind. You think of words untold and things that you've also missed telling, your misjudgements and most of all, the love you denied and tried to repudiate. You naturally want to give her/him or them, back the concern they have shown earlier. Many people say, in their solitude they re-evaluate their feelings, their wishes, and consider their love. And have often found out how they do love their dear one(s). New ideas, new resolutions, new perspectives etc. are easy when you are in deep solitude. Your mind and heart work together, helping you to get an insight of everything and you find the solutions. Joy or regrets as well as a reaction of interest and excitement. Unspoken words kept either by hesitation or by pride, perturb your mind. You are unable to control your emotions. A good heart doesn't retain and nourish hate forever. In solitude, your mind becomes more transparent and your heart reacts, helping you to find reasons for past failures and success, as well as proving your deep feelings.

Solitude can be on Rainy days or sunny ones, in cold or hot temp, Solitude is required when your mind is affected by sorrow, by heartaches, by confusion and by incertitude. It will ameliorate your state of mind and you'll find the answers. So, let Solitude do the best for you. I wish my above descriptive text would help you in a way or another.
Thank you for your read.

Posted:Dec 4, 2017 9:07 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2019 8:59 am
Just for a change,
I have hereby posted for you the lyrics of a beautiful song, sung my Engelbert humperdinck. The man who was nicknamed " The king of Romance". with such a beautiful voice, The song is called " TOO BEAUTIFUL TO LAST". A Fantastic, Emotional and Romantic song. So sweet that it lingers resoundly in the ears. It brings good memories and revives those emotional feelings and moments of the past for those who have really loved, who have been truly in love and who have been heartily loved by his/her significant one. The melancholic melody brings such a nostalgia in one's mind. A solemn background and fondest remembrance of the past in one's life...a pensive moment.

The lyrics:

The days of Autumn splendor,
The moments warm and tender,
Was it too beautiful to last?
The love we shared together
The dreams we dared together,
Was it too beautiful to last?

Walking hand in hand, the dawn discloses
We were dreaming of a land where love reposes,
But castle made of sand, like winter roses are fated to die,
My darling, like you and I.

Where are those sweet Septembers?
The joy my heart remembers,
Lost in the shadows of the past.
The rainbow arched above you,
The secret words, " I love you",
Why did that dream go by so fast?

Walking hand in hand, the dawn discloses,
We were dreaming of a land where love reposes,
But castles made of sand, like winter roses are fated to die,
My darling, like you and I.

Where are the sweet Septembers?,
The joy my heart remembers,
Lost in the shadow of the past.
The rainbow arched above you.
The secret words " I love you"
Why did that dream go by so fast?.
Was it too beautiful?
Was it too beautiful to.....last?.

I hope this song will please you and remind you souvenirs of the past. You can view and listen to it on U-tube. The same title and by the same singer. Enjoy it if you've never heard it before. It's very romantic and touchy as well. Your mind will float above the clouds and trip you down memory lane. Thanks for your read.
Happy viewing to one and all.

Posted:Nov 30, 2017 7:25 am
Last Updated:Jan 9, 2019 9:02 am
Once upon a time, an inquisitive crow in the nature saw a beautiful white swan, and families taking pictures of it. The crow thought that the swan must be the happiest bird in the world. He flew over to the swan and said: "You're so white and beautiful and am so dark, unpleasant and disliked, you must be the happiest bird in the world. How does it feel for being so?". The swan replied: "I used to think I am the happiest bird in the world until I saw a parrot. The parrot has two colors while I have only one", you should go and ask the parrot. So the crow flew to the parrot and asked the same question. The parrot replies: "I thought I was, until I saw the peacock. The peacock has many colors while I have two. You should ask the peacock. The last time I saw it, was at the zoo". So the crow flew over to the zoo and saw lots of people taking pictures of the peacock and admiring it. He waited until everybody had left and asked the peacock: " Dear peacock, you are so beautiful, everyday lots of people come to visit you, they admire you so much, but when they see me they chase me away. You must be so happy. How does it feel to be the happiest bird in the world?". And the peacock replied: "I thought I was the happiest bird in the world but because of my beauty and appearance, I am trapped here in this cage. All this time by myself, I notice that the bird that is not placed in a cage is a Crow. So, the past few years, I've been thinking that you "The Crow" must be the happiest bird in the world, you roam around freely wherever you want, get all the food you like, build your own nest and enjoy your freedom. So, consider yourself to be the happiest bird in the world".

So, we, from the human race, should ponder on how to be and feel happy in this world. The cycle of comparing ourselves to others, is a never ending cycle. It's a game that we can never win. The person who is satisfied with what he has, will be one among the happiest people in the world. Strive to improve ourselves and our way in life. Appreciate and be grateful for what we have and own. If we strive and value what we've already got, it will be absolutely fine and we shall feel like "The Happiest Birds in the World". We should also think about what we may have overlooked: The beauty within ourselves; The love given to us; Our freedom; Our health, however it is; Our little or great possession and Our family and friends, . We must not be envious and compare our chapter 1 to somebody's chapter 5 or 10 . We're running in a race where we must not focus on the people running beside us or ahead of us, we may lose motivation. We may slip and fall just by watching them. So, the best thing is to just focus on ourselves and run our race at our own space, because our finishing time is not the same as everybody else.

It's a message to each and everyone of us. I hope the moral of this story may help us in a way or another. Just be ourselves, don't compare and envy others for whom they are, . Each of us, has a different destiny.
Thank you for your read and views.


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