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Yes Jacko, of course you can delete my comments that don't quite suit you...
Posted:Mar 1, 2019 6:53 am
Last Updated:May 1, 2019 3:12 pm

...but you cannot delete my blogs.

Yesterday you posted a blog exposing Skariff for having two different accounts in the same name with different peral information on each of them but you are the king, and queen, of that procedure.

I exposed you as sleekbeauty a few years ago, with two different accounts packed with lies, that didn't match up when compared, and the bitch was never seen or heard from again from that good day to this, Thank God.

Then there was the creepy mountainmomma, but everyone knew about that, so much so that you had to admit it in the end.

You didn't get the response you were expecting on that exposé blog, did you? I read nine comments, including the ones you deleted, and not one negative word about Skariff was written in any of them. Here are two of my posts that you deleted exactly as I posted them originally while I knew that you were in your bed dreaming that you were important and feeling all very smug for exposing the, perceived, Machiavellian behaviour of Skariff:

"Wow indeed; I remember you doing the same thing with your beautiful sleekbeauty handle. And don't try to insult my intelligence by denying it was you. No one else at this site came anywhere near to fitting the bill for that horrible character/creation, except you. And, if it were needed, Yaya, your ever faithful aide de camp, gave the game away with her remarks, meant to support you, that she knew who owned the sleekbeauty handle but was sworn to secrecy and hadn't even told you who it was.

I seem to remember that you and her fell out over that monumental slip up.
That was very funny for most members that knew the pair of you well.

The second comment from me, complete with your trade mark zillions of smileys, that you expunged was the following:

"Jack the cowardly obnoxious blogger, and human being, that deletes comments that tell unpalatable truths about him and his horrible ways. He was the owner of the infamous Mtn momma and sleekbeauty handles.

Meeting Ms Archer
Posted:Feb 17, 2019 1:28 am
Last Updated:Feb 25, 2019 11:44 pm
Last Wednesday, February 6th, I had the distinct pleasure of meeting fellow SFF member Archer62 whom I have known since shortly after I joined SFF in August 2005.

We were never exactly bosom friends but we always respected each other and there was never a cross word between us. In those far off days we both frequented the various chat rooms on, this once wonderful, site that was made for laughter, and we crossed swords many times but always with humour and never in earnest, as was the case with most members I was familiar with in those halcyon days. At that time it was fun to be in 'Chats' and I would spend several hours there almost every night.

When I booked a week long trip to the south of France last month I knew that Archer, who has been domiciled in France for over fifty years, lived in the region known as the Cote d'Azur and at her present location in Antibes for about thirty years, but I wasn't sure if she lived close enough to my base in Nice, the capital city of the region, to enable us to meet for a few hours during my visit.

I posted a blog two weeks ago announcing details of my impending trip and Archer soon responded to it. We kept in touch from that point on and, ultimately, we agreed to meet on the Wednesday morning in her hometown, Antibes. That was just an hour's bus ride from Nice and the bus fare was an incredibly low €1.50 each way.

We met at the train station at 10am and spent almost four hours together on what was a lovely day, weather wise. It was sunny with no likelihood of rain but not too hot.

Archer has done her homework well over the years and she is now a genuinely bone fide historian for the entire region which is the most consistently beautiful I have ever seen having travelled all over the world during the past three years. Thanks to her unlimited knowledge I got a five star guided tour of the town completely free of charge.

Everywhere we went she was well received and, clearly, well respected, by people that we ran into. The most interesting character she introduced me to was a glassblower who can be seen in one of my pictures.

It was a very leisurely carefree day and after almost three hours on the go we retired to an Indian restaurant for a meal that turned out to be very enjoyable and at a reaable price. There was just a slight issue when I met with great difficulty after I requested some milk to put in a cup of tea that I purchased after we had consumed all the lovely food. Suffice to say that I got the milk, eventually.

I hadn't been feeling very well before I began the trip and by 1:30pm I was coming under pressure to get back to my room and get some rest (read sleep). It had been my intention to remain with Archer until darkness was approaching, at around 5:30pm, and go on along the coast road to Cannes, which was just another half hour away to the southwest by bus. But, unfortunately, I was under the weather and lacking energy and I just wasn't up to it physically and we had to abort that plan.

After showing me around the harbour area, where we watched the permanent Ferris wheel in action and some local fishermen selling their catch direct to the public, we headed towards the bus station where we would catch buses going in opposite directions.

Archer has a car but it was out of service that day due to a flat battery. Had that been ready to go it might have made the planned trip to Cannes a reality but it wasn't to be. During our ramble around her lovely town I managed to prise out of her an admission as to how many languages she could speak and the grand total, besides English, was four, total fluency in French and Italian and a good grasp of Spanish and German. OMG! I can barely speak English!

Although I had never seen it mentioned at SFF she confided her first name to me but I don't feel free to mention it here without her permission, which I omitted to ask for. It was a bit sad saying "Goodbye" because the likelihood was that we would never meet again. As it transpires, it is quite possible that I could return to the area within the next year, with Maudie in tow, and should that come to pass, then, please God, we will manage to meet again. Thank you for showing me around your lovely home town.

'Au revoir' my friend.

For the Attention of Ms Archer
Posted:Feb 2, 2019 5:39 am
Last Updated:Feb 17, 2019 8:35 am

I will be visiting Nice alone for six nights from late on February 5th. I don't how near or far you live from there only that you are in that general region. I suspect that you wouldn't live any more than 15 or 20 miles away at most.

If you'd like to meet me you will have to communicate with me exclusively through this site because I don't use a phone. As regards the timing of any such meeting I will allow you to choose the day, the time and the place and do my utmost to get there on time. Should you wish to meet please make sure to nominate a spot that won't prove difficult for me to find or reach by public transport.

Hoping to see you soon.
The Hunter Is Now The Hunted!
Posted:Jan 9, 2019 8:37 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2019 1:51 pm

Quoting Bob "Unlike others who dont like comments to the contrary, I accept all. Thank you."

Then why am I not allowed to post comments on your regular C&P's .

As I said before, many times, you are a very prolific writer....of blog titles.

Ahem,,, downright is one word Blobby and say is spelled like this - say, not like this - same.

The word don't looks much better when its apostrophe is put in place and it passes the grammar cops too.

The hunter is now the hunted indeed!

New York and Toronto
Posted:May 6, 2017 12:19 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2019 1:28 am

Maudie and I will be visiting New York for a week beginning next Thursday, May 11. On the way we will have an eigh hour stopover in Toronto, arriving at 2:45pm on Wednesday May 10 and departing the next morning at 9am. That will allow us ample time to spend several hours in the city centre on Wednesday afternoon and evening, possibly until as late as midnight if necessary.

There are two female SFF members in particular that live in, or close to, Toronto and we would delighted to meet one or both of them for a cup of coffee, or something stronger if preferred, and a nice friendly chat.

We will also be willing to meet any SFF members we know that live in or close to NYC if they get in touch to make arrangements.
For the Attention of Parisdreamer
Posted:Jan 14, 2016 4:09 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2016 1:53 pm

Hi Vonnie, If you type the word 'Bushwhacked' into the search box on the right of the main blog page it will bring up a complete list of all the blogs in which that word appeared. The very last one on the list is the one you want and a lot of the original comments are still there.
For Kittycat99 - Harry Hedgy R.I.P.
Posted:Sep 10, 2015 3:21 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2019 1:00 pm

Last week, one day after the tenth anniversary of originally posting it, I reposted my first ever blog at SFF, My First Ever Blog Repost and Kitty expressed the view that she would like to see more blogs of a similar nature so here is one more such blog for her to read. Messrs Hurke and Bare removed the ' wooden overcoat ' containing Harry's mortal remains, I stood in deep and silent reflection. My guilt at having alluded to Harold as a lazy, spineless, no good layabout, was tempered by the inescapable conclusion, that while what I had said to the deceased was decidedly unflattering, it was, beyond any reaable doubt, veritably veritable.

As I watched that tragic scenario unfold in front of my beady little eyes, a rather complex thought suddenly struck me, " In which position shall we lay Harold to rest ? " At first, I panicked ! Of all the knowledge I'd managed to glean from my little prickly friend over the years, I had, unforgivably, I must admit, omitted to engage him in discussion, as to the etiquette and conventions of rodent internment.

Aghast at this most glaring of omissions on my part, I immediately turned to Mr Hurke and said "Tell me Mr Bare, what's the normal resting pose for dearly departed hedgies ?"

"That's something I not be quite sure of, Mr President, Sir. It all depends on the individual case; most of the bereaved opt for spines up, belly down, and that's the more conventional method, in my own experience of course; while others, for reas quite unfathomable to me, select what many in the trade, my good self and Mr Bare included, refer to as the topsy turvy position for the corpse.

"That's spines down and belly up. Most undignified, Sir, in my humble opinion, if I may be permitted to say so ?"

"I see" I articulated eloquently, before continuing, " and tell me if you will Mr Bare, have you or your esteemed colleague ever had the experience of interring a rodent of the hedgehog variety, in the perpendicular ?"

At this juncture, Bare's face turned a most unusual and lighter shade of pale, for upon taking receipt of this inquiry, he had clearly been estranged from his composure. In an effort to alleviate his obvious distress, I proffered the poor soul a glass of water.

"Thank you, Sir " he ashen facely proffered, by way of a response. "that is surely most kind of you, but" he continued " I would be slightly more partial to a nip of Irish whiskey if the good Sir has possession of such a commodity under his roof, on such an inauspicious occasion as this ?" Then he continued to continue by adding that "a liberal amount of Scottish Highland Spring Water would enhance the the properties of the requested liquor,Sir."

Anxious to fulfil such a reaable request I immediately beckoned to my factotum, Slinger, and barked the following order, " Fetch that bottle of whiskey that I keep next to my bed and dispense two generous measures to Messrs Hurke and Bare, oh, and dilute them with water from the nearest bathroom."

As Slinger departed to retrieve the booze, I turned to Bare and said "Mr Hurke, I've made up my mind, we'll put Harold to rest in an upright stance."

"Very good, Mr President, " he replied. " if that's what you desire. Your wish, Good Sir, is our command, but I do fear that you might be making a grave mistake."

"Good that's that settled then ", I retorted, ignoring the last sentence. " I now have some urgent state business to attend to, if you gentlemen will excuse me, I'll take my leave"

"Certainly, Mr President, Sir ". uttered Hurke or Bare, I was never quite sure which of them was which.

"Would" either Burke or Hare went on " the good Sir be wanting a pillow supplied for the esteemed recently departed to rest his head upon ? "

I freely admit that I hadn't considered that option either and I was slightly taken aback by that utterance emanating from whichever of them it was.

"Hmm, hmm " I mused before declaring, " I'll have to think about that one. I'll let you know in the morning what I've decided, I'll have to sleep on it first."

Then I returned to my study in the ovoid office and with not a little trepidation, I picked up the red phone on my desk and dialed the number. "Hello, is that you Frank? " I inquired,

"It is indeed, Sir. I'm most saddened to hear about the passing of Secretary Hedgy. Is there anything I can do to help alleviate your suffering as you navigate your way through this most distressing period?"

"As a matter of fact there is, General " I replied, then continued, "I need you to get over here to the Green House, forthwith and without delay. I have information to impart to you of the most urgent order. Get over as quickly as you can and prepare yourself for a shock. I'll be waiting patiently for you in the egg room.
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My First Ever Blog - Repost
Posted:Sep 6, 2015 3:52 pm
Last Updated:Jan 12, 2019 1:11 pm

Ten years ago yesterday I posted my first ever blog at SFF and this is a tweaked update of it.

I woke up this morning but Harry, my favourite hedgehog, didn't, because he was dead.

It was a shattering blow to receive before I'd even gotten my eyes opened properly. I can tell you, without fear of contradiction, that it was a very sad and traumatic experience to see cuddly Harry Hedgy lying there on his little bed in a state of permanently suspended animation.

At first, I thought the lazy little bugger was just having a lie-in, because we'd had a good few drinks last night and Harry was never a good one at holding his liquor. "Get up you lazy, spineless, no good, layabout" I yelled. "We have a lot of work to do today and it's about time you did it."

Naturally, Harry didn't respond to my gentle prompting, how could the little creature? He was as dead as that proverbial door nail.

In hopeful desperation, I looked closely to see if he had borrowed my earplugs again without asking me; but clearly, he hadn't.

Last night, at 9pm northern sub standard time, very disturbing word had gotten to us that a new family of slugs had arrived in our back garden, as ill-eagle asylum seekers, under force of arms, and had already began to construct a six bedroom house and a multi-storied car park for themselves, and Harry Hedgy and me had held an emergency summit late into the night and early morning, at the conclusion of which, it was unanimously agreed by the entire cabinet - in their absence - that this belligerent and dastardly intrusion upon our sedate and serene lifestyle could not be tolerated for one second longer than necessary by any government in the world, least of all a benevolent and peace loving one like mine. So to that end we immediately declared 'All out war' against the encroaching slimebolic military force.

As the nation's president, upon first receiving the relevant communique from my generals, I had immediately contacted my Minister for Homeland Security, the aforementioned Harry Hedgy, and quickly filled him in on the developing situation which was fluid and still gathering pace. Then, having brought him up to speed rapidly, I said "Harry, This is a crisis the like of which we've never encountered before" Harry nodded, as if to say "Too true Mr President, too true.&quot.

Then, I solemnly uttered the following proclamation via my mouth: " If we don't act quickly and decisively and with iron-fisted will and determination and resolve to meet this critical development squarely and full smack head on, we could soon find ourselves faced with a catastrophe of gargantuan proportions the like of which this sovereign and vibrant state has not witnessed in living memory, or the future - well so far anyway."

Then I drew a short breath of air into the middle of my lungs and continued thus:

"If this outrageous incursion is not quickly nipped in the bud the entire economy of Backgardenland could be thrown, headlong, into a recession, the likes of which, no nation could be expected to recover from, in less than two or three weeks. Therefore, as Commander-in Chief of the armed forces of this proud and verdant nation, I hereby assign to you and your General Staff the onerous task of enacting the appropriate measures required to combat this emergency with nothing short of ruthless and unstinting determination and thoroughness.

"I want you to understand that no expense need, or ought to be spared, pursuant to measures calculated to rid ourselves of this menace that now finds itself unwelcomely ensconced in our midst, otherwise no blade of grass will be left uneaten by this barbaric and slippery horde.

"But remember this", I cautioned, wisely, "If you should fail in your mission, certain malevolent forces within this state, may try to take advantage of the worsening situation and attempt a medicinal coup. Ergo, I feel it is imperative that a state of emergency be declared, across the entire garden, without vacillation, delay or further ado.

"Harry," I continued solemnly "the fate of every flower, every shrub and every humble blade of grass in this proud garden nation is relying on you and your fellow warriors to eradicate this nefarious threat as quickly as is inhumanly and animally possible. Therefore I delegate to you and your vaunted staff the onerous task of ridding the nation of this insidious threat against our peace loving citizens; I want you to be fully cognizant of the alarming fact that the future of every plant in the land, is resting in your formidable spines and so I say to you and your brave men, get out there in the field and 'EAT THEM ALIVE!'."
Looking for Greyfox
Posted:Aug 18, 2015 12:52 pm
Last Updated:May 7, 2017 1:04 pm

It's ten years today since I became a member of SFF and I felt that the occasion warranted a short mention. I used to love this site until the unrelenting hypocrisy and rampant double standards disillusioned me and finally drove me away to such an extent that I rarely visit the site anymore, let alone contribute to it.

There is another purpose for this post - Maudie and I will be spending two weeks in Sydney, Australia in January (7-21) and we are hoping to make contact with the former Australian based male member that used the handle, Greyfox. If anyone has any information that could help us to establish contact with him we will be very grateful to receive it.

I send hugs and warm vibes to Bruja on the occasion of the fourth anniversary of Mac's passing.
There's No People Like Our People
Posted:Jan 2, 2015 11:08 am
Last Updated:Oct 20, 2016 5:33 pm

Back in the halcyon days of 2007 when there was much more camaraderie and very little acrimony at SFF I wrote and posted this parody of a well known g that reflected the feelings of a lot of members at this site. Shortly after that the g was reposted by a privileged third party that had missed seeing it on its debut. I have provided links to show the reaction to both of those posts.

There's No People Like Our People !

There's no site that's like our site
It's like no site that I know
Many things about it are revealing
Do I post a pic or lie down low
Shall I show my legs they're so appealing
When I've decided I'll let you know

There's no people like our people
We share when we are low
Be you from Ontario UK or Maine
By spending just two cents we all gain
I've got friends all over even one in Spain
Let's all go with the flow

There's Bebo, and FB and others besides
All places we've looked in but never stayed
What we're looking for don’t exist on those sites
We only found it when in here we strayed

There's no bloggers like our bloggers
They write straight from their hearts
Embarrassment is cast aside no need with friends
To tell big porkies or push your end
We're all in this together as through life we wend
So come all let it show

The point that I'm making is for all of us
A testament that woes can be reduced
With others to lean on
Your troubles are halved
And happiness more easily seduced

This is our site we love our site
The best you'll ever find
SFF we love you despite all your ills
You've helped us climb up some real big hills
We're here for the duration
Send the boss the bill
Let's all get up and Go
And get on with the show.

The grammatical irregularity in the title is a result of poetic licence.

There's No People Like Our People

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