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Posted:Jul 26, 2017 6:56 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2017 7:19 am

You got it , brother. Oh wait , I can't add that old tag line. You got it, whatever gender you identify as today. Not quite the same ring, huh?
Anyway, it is interesting now- can't tell the fake news from the real news. Can't trust Republicans to vote with Republicans. Can't trust the Democrats to come up with new ideas.
Every time you look at the news, Trump is being accused of something nefarious. Apparently, the Boy Scouts like him, but their leaders don't. Maybe their parents are Conservative. After admonishing the Scouts beforehand not to chant " Build the Wall", they were outraged when Trump made political remarks in his speech. And, after that admonition, and being embroiled in gender controversy for several years, they condemned Trump because the Boy Scouts, they told us “is wholly non-partisan and does not promote any one position, product, service, political candidate or philosophy. " Yeah, right. And, of course, the Left must compare the Boy Scouts to Hitler Youth- the same Boy Scouts who would have listened to Obama , had he bothered to attend any jamborees for the past 8 years, like all the Presidents before him. And let's not tell the truth , that Hitler Youth was compulsory, as were the chants and salutes.

Then there's the Obamacare vote. If you cant even vote to have a discussion about a Bill, what the hell are you doing in elected office ? And even though some of the proposed Bill had things in it Democrats might like, they have to reject anything the Trump Administration proposes, because that is what they are going to do for the next 8 years. Of course, their hypocrisy never hits them in face . After Republicans begged to work with them for 8 years, begged Democrats to listen to their ideas, so they could vote for something, and when they didn't vote with the Democrats, they were called obstructionists. Now the Democrats told us on Jan 21, we will , without having one single clue what will be proposed, automatically oppose it. IN other words, We lost, so we will have a sustained temper tantrum until Trump is out of office.

Another Interesting item to ponder is , all of a sudden, after losing the November election, and all the intervening special elections, the Democrat suddenly discover they need some ideas. What do they come up with? They recycle old, failed ideas from Obama. The anti-business jihad from the past 8 years is now being called " Better" Tax the rich, raise corporate taxes, and keep squeezing the middle class. And one of the tenets of "better " is a $15 an hour minimum wage. Employers will invariably respond, like they have in the cities that have enacted this, by cutting the size of their workforce and cutting the number of hours worked, turning to automation and outsourcing to replace American workers. If at first you don't succeed, fail, and fail, again.

All this brings me back to the title of the Blog. The phrase is supposed to be an " Old Chinese proverb " It isn't. It is more or less an urban legend. There is nothing in Chinese literature that says that exactly. It most likely came from 19th Century Western , probably British writers , although who exactly, is a matter of debate. Someone wanted their turn of phrase to sound wise, so they credited it to those they thought were a repository of wisdom, giving it more weight.
The so-called wise proverb's apocryphal origin is a perfect metaphor for fake news, anti-Trump hysteria, false economics and the revisionist history of the past 8 years being peddled by Democrats. Assigning " wise " words to others is a bit like the Left and their firm belief they can find some study to support illogical ideas, which fail in the real world. Like the way the CBO scored both Obamacare and the new bill- all based on overinflated, untrue assumptions. But that is another subject.
Yes, folks ( is that gender-neutral enough ? ) these time are "interesting ".
Posted:Jul 24, 2017 8:53 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2017 10:00 am

I have had it up to "here" ( point to as far over my head as my arms will reach, then get a ladder ) with the Democratic " strategists " on every cable channel harping how Trump has done nothing.
Where's the wall? Where's health care reform ? Where's all your promises ? they ask snidely, with a smirk on their faces.

I am sick of it.

How about we take a look at how Obamacare got passed to start with. The Democrats had The Senate 57-41, 2 Independents who voted with them. The House was 257- 199 in their favor. Obama was in the White House.
It still took them from January 2009 to March 23, 2010 to get the bill passed. 15 months. 15 months, 15 months. And they had a slam dunk victory.
Getting rid of an entrenched Government program is like trying to rip a tree out of the ground with your bare hands. When it was a sapling, you could pull it up with a shovel, but now you need back hoe and chain saw, and stump grinder. Not only that half of your workers are out to lunch. ( pun intended )

And the snide , smirking Democrats want it all done in less than 6 months.

How long have the coyotes been sneaking people over the border? How long have there been Sanctuary cities ? What about the recent flooding of the border?
In 2014, unoccupied minors, at least half a million were sent , at taxpayer expense, to wherever they wanted to go, to people that claimed to be their parents and family. No one asked about whether those people were illegal or not.

Now we know who those poor, fleeing "children " were. Many of them were MS-13.
But to oppose that flooding of the border back then , was uncompassionate , heartless and racist.

So where's your wall? Got it built yet? We are having cities snatch contracts from any company who helps you, so why aren't you pouring concrete? They taunt. Nah, nah nah.
We let them all in , so now you go find them and keep more from coming in. Obama told them - Come on in. We wont send you back. We will drive you anywhere you want to go, to any city who won't ask if you are here legally- not matter how many crimes you commit.
Guess what- Trump has built a wall. Illegal entry is down 70%. Looks like a physical barrier would be the icing on the cake- Trump himself is The Wall.

Where's your tax reform, is another favorite taunt.
Of course, we have all your time and the time of the Congress, taken up with trying to find Russians under the beds at the White House. Russia was the BFF of the Democrats until last November. Obama knew in August about the hacking attempts the DNC blamed on Russia, but since Hillary was going to win, he did nothing. Now it's time restart the Cold War, so who's got time to write a tax bill ? They don't have time like Obama did in 2009 to raise taxes on the lower middle class. One of his first acts was to raise cigarette tax 17%. Who smokes? Ask The Blower- all the unworthy. You know, the ones who later didn't vote for Obama, but voted for Trump.

One thing I don't hear them taunting is about the economy. 4.1 Trillion has been added to the country's bottom line since January. 800,000 jobs last month. Consumer confidence and the stock market is up.
Cut regulations to free up the market to expand ? Oh that is a bad thing. Mustn't step on the toes of the EPA who enacted everything Obama couldn't get done the right way- with Congress. So he did it all with unelected , unaccountable bureaucrats , who decided to run your life without your consent.

So I have one thing to say to the Democrats, the liberal pundits, and all the frothing- the-mouth Trump-hating bloggers out there-

Posted:Jul 21, 2017 8:41 am
Last Updated:Jul 22, 2017 6:51 pm
Democrats sure left some change on the counter if they paid for their new slogan:
“A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages."
We have had the New Deal, the Square Deal, and the Fair Deal. Do we really need another Deal? Not only that , doesn't this remind one of another "Better" ad?
“Better Ingredients. Better Pizza. Papa John’s ?
Or how about The Art of the Deal? Are they telling they are to expand on Trump's agenda?

But I do think the Pizza analogy works in this case.
You take a bunch of ingredients, including the disgusting ones people pick off immediately- anchovies or green olives- throw it all rather randomly on a large piece of carbohydrate, add in some cheese and sauce to disguise the taste. Then you charge a lot of money, and cut it up. Some people will get one slice, some multiple.
The next day , after the steam, fresh, and sizzle , the leftovers are either still tasty, or are inedible . Sounds a lot like most policies of the Democrats to me.

Below- Hillary runs again.
Posted:Jul 19, 2017 7:08 am
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2017 7:01 am

London has had several terror attacks recently. Crime is up , as well. So what does the mayor of London focus on? Making train announcements gender neutral.

But taking a train is not the only place one can go to be offended. Academics at King’s College London decided to swap portraits of its founders for a “wall of diversity,” after Professor Patrick Leman, the Institute’s dean of education, claimed “busts of white, bearded men” were “intimidating” and “alienating” to some students.
Some concluded any student who felt “intimidated” by a statue probably didn’t deserve a University place at all.

And London is, just like NYC, doing its best to make its citizens unsafe. The mayor, in true lefty " inclusion mode, is ending its version of stop-and-frisk -
British Police’s Stop And Search scheme. Designed to allow police to frisk suspects for concealed weapons, it has long been hated by critics as “racist,” who correctly point out that 65% of searches are on black men, who are six times more likely to be searched. But they are also more likely to be stabbed . What's a mayor to do? Protect the criminals, of course. And the stats on crime mirror NYC as well.
Who’d have thought a 28% drop in searches might result in a 24% boom in knife crime? Clearly not London’s Mayor. In one school in his city, 3/4 of ten-year-olds said they knew somebody who carried a knife. stats from Martin Daubney at Heat Street.
Daubney again: Similarly, Khan has rejected Prevent, the British government’s only anti-terror strategy, as “toxic” adding “it’s seen by some communities as spying and snooping”.
In the wake of the London Bridge terrorist attack that left eight ordinary Londoners murdered in the streets by ISIS jihadists, Khan took every opportunity to remind us Islamophobic “hate crimes” –that included tweets - has risen five fold. "

Another crime infecting London is acid attacks. But we cant search people to take the acid away, now can we ?
And looking in on radical mosques, which are the breeding grounds of radicalization, Mayor Khan has a kindred spirit in DiBlasio. Can't find out what those who want to kill you are up to, can you? Might offend.

I am picking on London because it used to be the model of politeness and civility. " Ladies and Gentleman " was polite. The police were unarmed, for the most part, until very recently. They honored their traditions, Great Men, ideas and education.
But now it is just another liberal-run city , hastening its own demise by political correctness.
Londoners are dying because the Mayor wont protect them, also in the name of political correctness. Mean Tweets get more resources than preventing terror attacks.

Political correctness and trying not offend anyone, at anytime, for any reason, no matter how silly, will be the downfall of Western Civilization.

Hell, you can't even say Western Civilization without pissing off somebody.
Posted:Jul 17, 2017 8:37 am
Last Updated:Jul 20, 2017 1:36 pm

Any one ever hear this one from your mother ? " If all your friends jumped off a cliff, would you go, too ? " Then you got a lecture on doing what is right, not being one of the crowd, and leading by example.
I guess the lame stream media and some in Congress were the ones who went ahead and jumped off the metaphorical cliff.
When Trump pulled the US out of the Paris Accords, what was the headline? All various forms of the same theme- the US has given up its position of leadership in the world.
ABC News contemplated "A World Without U.S. Leadership." CNN reported that Trump exchanged "an aggressive, traditional American leadership role for isolation in a club of one." The liberal activist Neera Tanden tweeted, "Can we just admit that the era of American global leadership is over under Trump?"

"We take note of the decision of the United States of American to withdraw from the Paris Agreement," the G-20 leaders' final declaration said. Then: "The leaders of the other G-20 members state that the Paris Agreement is irreversible."
Huh? " irreversible " ??? Those words do not set well with actual leaders. Actual leaders change as the need suits. Actual leaders are not bound by agreements which become outdated, or unworkable.

So let that sink in for a second. The US decides NOT to do what 19 other countries want them to do, and that is lack of leadership. In other words, following is leading. You do what we say, and we will say you are a leader, for as long you do what tell you to. Stray off the farm to look after your own country- and you are not leading,. You must follow us to lead .

Remember Obama's " leading from behind " ? What the hell was that about ? You either lead , or you follow. The last guy in The Conga line isn't directing where the line is going. But Obama was already ready to follow:
Follow Putin ( I'll be more flexible )
Follow Iran ( Here's your pallet of foreign currency )
Follow Cuba ( Send us tourists and we can still do whatever we want )
Follow the UN
And follow the trends, in about any way the political wind was blowing.

This is what is so disturbing about Trump to the entrenched political class- both here and abroad, and to their supine mouthpieces, the main stream media. He is not going to follow the set formula, which reads something like this:
Act like we care about what WE think the voters want.
Promise something
Posture how caring we are
Throw some money at it
Tell the press to praise us
Campaign for reelection.

Trump threw a monkey wrench in the formula. Mr. Going-Over- the- Budget - line-by-line Obama did nothing of the sort. Trump looked at the Paris Accords, signed without the permission of the American people, and said Hell, no .
And how you view his reasons, depends on what you think of Trump. Either he is a deranged , unqualified, nut case, or he is doing the job he was elected to- look out for the interests of the US. Either way, it's done. We are not sending our pallets of cash to the UN.

But like this , or hate it, no matter how you slice it- Going along with the crowd is NOT being a leader.
I have always viewed liberals like Obama expressed. They cast a longing gaze all over the world, and oh so desperately want to be " Citizens of the World " Cosmopolitan, suave, cool, and not tied to such bourgeois' concepts as patriotism, Christianity, capitalism, and defending home and family.
And they just hate it that the person now in charge , is not going to get them invited to the best world cocktail parties.
Posted:Jul 15, 2017 6:29 am
Last Updated:Jul 16, 2017 7:19 pm

I do wonder how some people got their jobs. Recently Larry O'Donnell , on the on-so-fair MSNBC displayed his lack of Constitutional knowledge. He recited the part of the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE about inalienable rights, and then made the leap to the writing of the Constitution, as if the documents were written at the same time. The first told England to go pound sand, while the second wrote the rules for a new nation.
He lamented that there are no longer "absolute truths" . This coming from the home of relative truth- the Left. He also lamented there were no " Founding Mothers " displaying a complete lack of understanding of the role of women in the 18th century.
He also claimed, after revealing his complete lack of understanding of the nature of the Constitution, that rights are granted by the Constitution. Of course, anyone who has actually READ even the opening bits of the document , will notice that it says your rights already exist, and the government cannot take them away.
Amendments like granting women the vote, were to clarify the right to elect leaders was not limited to men, and hence, the Government cannot limit it to such.
"The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any state on account of s e x " Of course I have to censor the last word, lest the wording of a 1920 documents offend the powers that be at SFF.

Note it does not say- women are granted the right to vote- it says " Shall not be abridged "

But it gets better. One of his guests was Joy Reid. She went on to trash Trump, no surprise there, but the examples she uses as bad Presidents were all Democrats. FDR, Jackson, and Wilson who has been called the First Progressive President. Her charge on Wilson was what a racist he was, which is true, but she left out his political party.

Nice understanding of history folks, let alone your cluelessness on more current events. His guests criticized Trump's use of Executive orders, as O'Donnell explained the Constitution declares, which it does, the real power is Congress. You know, the same Congress Obama said he was going to bypass with his pen and phone.

Here's another whom we wonder how they got elected . I know, Maxine Waters leaps to mind , but she is in her own category.

Ted Lieu , Congressman from California, had this little "historical " tweet "

Fun fact: Nixon was impeached for the cover-up.
Now we know this was probably before you were born, Teddy, but Mr. Google knows better. The only recent President impeached was Bill Clinton. Nixon resigned. It was in all the papers. Surely your parents noticed.

My point is we no longer know actual history. The schools don't teach civics anymore. If they teach US history at all , it is to tell the students what a horrible country this is. People grow up thinking they get their rights from Government not " Their Creator ". The oh-so-enlightened want to tear down any reminders of our Civil War, much like the Taliban blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan.

I have enough reason to yell at my TV or computer when they spout nonsense about current events. But when they show me their views are derived from a complete lack of understanding of the Constitution, history and how this country was created, I think it is worth mentioning .
Posted:Jul 13, 2017 10:07 am
Last Updated:Jul 14, 2017 7:15 am
Sorry folks, gotta love this one.
Posted:Jul 12, 2017 8:37 am
Last Updated:Jul 25, 2017 11:34 am

I try to avoid shopping at places like Whole Foods and Earth Fair, unless it is a matter of convenience , or they are having a sale on something I want. And one thing I avoid like the plague, is the " Organic " label, They should have an FDA type warning under the word, much like is on cigarette packs.
" Caution, this product may or not be grown like you think it is. You are paying twice as much for this product because you are foolish enough to think it is better for you than a conventionally grown product "

Or maybe " For all you greenies who have adopted the Religion of Sustainability, you are doing more damage to the planet than if you bought products grown with modern science, rather than techniques from the 18th century "

When "organic " first came out with any mass distribution, I was a fresh area manager at Walmart. Organics had to placed above the regular items in the refrigerated produce case, and separated in the other bins. Apparently it was FDA guidelines. Additionally the country of origin had to labeled on the bin for everything else, but not the organics. I thought that odd. Why shouldn't we know where this came from quickly, and why are we to believe this product is what it says it is ?

The Washington Post has been doing some digging on what I call the Organic Scam.
Turns out there are only 82 inspectors for the thousands of things labeled " organic"
Not only that, but much of the "locally " grown or raised products are from Turkey, China and other parts of the world. The " organic " beef is an example. To label beef organic, it has to be fed only organic grains- that is grain grown with no pesticides, and certainly not the evil, we-are-all-going-to-die GMO grain.
Oops- turns out Turkey , which exports much of this gift of the gods grains, is sending plain old grain. The same stuff is being fed to your $4 a pound chuck steak at Walmart as to your $8 a pound chuck steak at Whole Foods. Suckers !!!!

Another tenet of the Religion of Organic is the term "sustainability " . It has been defined , in part, this way :
" When a process is sustainable, it can be carried out over and over without negative environmental effects or impossibly high costs to anyone involved. "
Organic farming has been touted as the best way to create " sustainable " agriculture and feed the world. Another bill of goods being sold to add to the list. Organic farming takes up at least 3 times as much land to grow the same amount of food, as the yields are so much lower. The crops use far more water, and emit more green house gasses, than conventional farming, and huge amounts more than products grown from GMO seeds. GMO can make crops drought , bruise, frost, weed, and insect resistant. Try that with planting some carrots in your horse manure compost.

What's my point in all this ? Easy- spend your grocery dollars wisely. There isn't any difference in a carrot at Walmart and a carrot at Whole Foods , except the price. Organic labeled meat , may or may not be, and buying because the word " Sustainable " is on the package, may be doing more harm than good.
Now, what I really think. Buying groceries at the most expensive store because of the so-called organic labels, is not out of nutritional concern, but just another example of moral preening.
But , hey, if it makes you feel good about yourself, enjoy. But don't think you are saving the planet.
Posted:Jul 11, 2017 9:12 am
Last Updated:Jul 12, 2017 7:23 am
Can't resist this one. I think our cats have Swiss bank accounts.
Posted:Jul 10, 2017 9:05 pm
Last Updated:Jul 11, 2017 7:05 pm

I have news for the coastal elites, the EU, the UN and the lame stream media. You aren't in charge anymore. The people are on to you. I don't mean just Americans either. The EU told you how great your life would be if you let unelected bureaucrats run your country, and tear down your borders. Now you are pissed off and talking about leaving and defending your borders. Tens of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa crossed the Mediterranean Sea.
Austria’s is deploying 750 troops to its border with Italy to help stop the flow of refugees. Countries are .... wait for it.... BUILDING WALLS AND FENCES to protect their borders.

The Polish people LOVED Trump. The media here trashed the same speech the people cheered. Trump touted the values of Western Civilization, and to the Left it was either " standard platitudes" or a White Nationalist speech, with writing Symphonies , apparently one step away from planning a KKK parade.
Merkel, who tore down the borders of her country , was a bit cold to Trump , and seemed to look down her nose a bit at him.

It was fun, however , to watch Macron dash off his place on the risers , to get the picture taken with him standing next to Trump.

Meanwhile the European elites, like the ones here , are oh-so offended at the Ugly American engaging in Twitter Wars, calling out the extremely biased media, and acting like the Boorish Clod they think most Americans are anyway. Obama was one of them. He wanted the rest of world to like us, so much so, he let the world think the US didn't like itself either. He bowed . He apologized.

President Trump is upsetting the mainstream media and the elites by refusing to continue with the "Europeanization" of the United States, Stuart Varney said today. Socialized medicine, open borders, dislike of the military and the religion of climate change. They were all full-tilt in the Obama years. The coastal elites are very much onboard with the Europeanization of America," said Varney.

Guess what? The people who elected Trump, and it looks like most the "folks " in Europe don't give a tinker's dam about what the elites think.
They are tired of being looked down upon because they don't have an Ivy League degree, or aren't some left wing think tank hanger on. They are tired of being lectured to about how they are the inferior ones who don't know what is best for them .
They will proudly cling to their guns and religion and Trump will cheer them on, as they wear the badge of "Deplorable " .
So they don't speak French, or eat with chop sticks at the local overpriced sushi place. They don't have a gender studies degree, but , as my Dad used to say, went to the school of hard knocks, which , btw, a degree from the latter, pays a whole hell of a lot more.

But what has made all the elites apoplectic is how unapologetic the people who aren't them , are. Don't like it ? Tough .
Don't like a President who Tweets whatever he thinks, when he thinks it? Get over it. This is so confusing to them universities are teaching classes how to deal with Trump winning. They have no clue how to think about the working class, mostly because they never met anyone in that group.

So the lame stream media sputters, cries Russia, Russia, Russia, and desperately searches for racist dog whistles in every word out of this administration.
Meanwhile, the American people see the economy getting better, illegal immigration down 50% , ISIS kicked out of Mosul, NATO countries " paying their fair share " . But most of all, they see someone standing up for the country they love, not someone who jets around the world apologizing and telling the world how sorry we are for all our wrongs. It sure ain't perfect, but it's the best country on the planet. If it wasn't, why do so many clamor to get here anyway they can? And that sentiment is not to be apologized for either.
But what the folks like the most , is the confused looks on the faces of all the elites, as they desperately struggle to find an explanation for last November.

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