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Posted:Sep 21, 2017 7:08 am
Last Updated:Sep 22, 2017 4:02 pm

Hillary has always told us she gets the hard questions and has to make the hard choices. Didn't she write another self praising book with that title?
On her book tour, here is an interview with Lissa Muscatine at the Warner Theater in DC. Some of her fans paid $1,250 to listen to the following:

Muscatine: Tea or coffee?
Clinton: Coffee.
Muscatine: Beach or mountains?
Clinton: What?
Muscatine: Beach or mountains?
Clinton: Beach.
Muscatine: Shower or bath?
Clinton: Well, these are all really unfair and that is particularly unfair…
Muscatine: These are easy.
Clinton: Because I mean really it depends upon how much time you have.
Muscatine: Okay, that’s fine. Pilates or yoga?
Clinton: Yoga.
Muscatine: Vodka or chardonnay.
Clinton: Again, it depends upon how much time you have.

First of all, if you think being asked if you prefer a shower is a hard question, you need to be in an assisted living home and have someone make those decisions for you, not sitting in the Oval Office.
But this is kind of sucking up and soft ball questions Hillary got from the friendly media all thru the campaign. And the drooling fans who paid $1250 to listen to and applaud wildly when she told us about the Big Decision to have coffee not tea, is another reason she had no idea she was going to lose.
As my Dad would say- I think they left some change on the counter.
Posted:Sep 16, 2017 8:13 am
Last Updated:Sep 17, 2017 11:36 am

Yet another example of ignorance on the part of those who wish to convolute history to fit their own agenda has surfaced in a new idiotic controversy. And that is that the Star Spangled Banner is a racist song.

I will pause for laughter.

What is the issue? The word " slave " appears. The actual phrase is " hireling and slave". Calling someone a slave, or a hireling, instead of a independent, thinking man, has long been an insult in the English language- from Shakespeare and before. Shakespeare uses the word 180 times in his works. Shakespeare’s characters — including Macbeth, Lear, and many of the kings in the history plays — use “slave” as an insult.
Somehow I find it more than a stretch The Bard was thinking of the United States, which didn't exist, and referencing Africans.
If you read the actual verse, the insult is very much in context. Plus it rhymes nicely.

And where is that band who so vauntingly swore
That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion
A home and a country should leave us no more?
Their blood has wash'd out their foul footsteps' pollution.
No refuge could save the hireling and slave
From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave:
And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

The insult is in context with the rest of the insults in the verse. He insults the British as " the hireling and slave" and says, in modern terms- " You can run, but you can't hide " from the brave in the land of the free. You jackasses said we would lose, but our blood has washed away your " footstep's pollution ".
So why was " hireling and slave " a particular kind of insult when directed at military men ? If you know your history, impressment of seamen and forced service was a common practice. These obviously were not the cream of the crop for soldiers and seamen, certainly not the quality of the upper classes with a long family history of glorious service. To call an upper class commander no better than a slave forced into service, was the sort of derision sure to get their hackles up.
The British, at the time, were a very class aware society. The Unwashed Masses were inferior to the ruling class.
Insulting one's honor was the stuff of duels.

There are lots of old words we do not use in the same context today. There was a huge controversy not too long ago over the word "niggardly " , meaning stingy , or sparse. " Suffer", in one context, was commonly used to mean " to permit ".

But don't tell any of the above to the modern social justice warrior. Context and language usage of the time is beyond what they choose to understand. They saw one word, and that was enough. " Slave " had only one meaning to them, and , of course, it is about race- everything is.

Perhaps I should just call them an Ultracrepidarian , who belongs in the company of a Snollygoster and they both remain in a Zwodder.
Posted:Sep 15, 2017 7:39 am
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2017 3:15 pm

I have frequently noted , on these pages, how unwilling some are to address the facts of another's post in their disputation of the bloggers ideas. The personal attack is always the first salvo, and when the attacker is called out, the person who pointed it out is the bad guy. Bloggers with an agenda have such short memories.

This is not limited to these pages, of course. At our age, at least we know , or I hope we do, the history of a policy, a politician, or an idea.
There is an entire generation or even two behind us, who has zero idea of historical context, or the facts surrounding an historical event , nor the attitude of the times.
I offer a case in point:

Political scientist Scott Yenor , teaching at Boise State , is under threat of firing for his scholarship on the intellectual history of feminism and the transgender movement. Even worse, some administrators are piling on.
The spark that lit the powder keg. : On June 30, Yenor published a report for the Heritage Foundation: In “Sex, Gender, and the Origins of the Culture Wars: An Intellectual History,” he argues that today’s transgender movement arises logically out of the ideas of modern feminism. Both movements, he shows, insist that human identity need not be grounded in one’s body or one’s biology.

Fair enough- we all remember the 60's feminists fighting against job discrimination, and seeking to tear down the men -only bastions of the town, college, or other spaces. Women did not want to be housewives, they demanded other choices. The Feminist Mystique was written, women were becoming management instead of clerks. The have-it-all women of the 80's were being educated.

Several of the most important feminist thinkers thought that for women to be truly free, the family “must be abolished,” in the words of Simone de Beauvoir. Other feminists envisioned what Yenor calls " a rolling revolution to ensure that, for women, anatomy would be not destiny. Among their goals were the erasure of all sexual taboos; the cultivation of the same temperament, status, and roles for men and women; and the achievement of economic and emotional independence of women and children from the natural family. " This all well documented in the writings of the very early feminists.
Yenor followed this report with an article on August 2 at the Daily Signal: In “Transgender Activists Seek to Undermine Parental Rights,” he describes how the transgender movement is in important respects a continuation of the goals of modern feminism as laid out by Beauvoir and others.
So- having said all that , did you know that if you shook your head, and agreed with the facts of history, and also remembered the writings of Beauvoir and her fellow feminists, you are a White Supremacist, and Nazi?
That is the contention of the University, and the little, nasty snowflakes at Boise State.
How do you connect the dots like that? Torturously, of course.
The "diversity " person at the college, Salinas wrote: " Well, language that does not affirm everyone’s identity is exclusionary, exclusionary rhetoric leads to hatred, and hatred leads to “bias motivated violence” and “build[s] to a genocidal end.”

And from that- he concludes in the piece at Boise State is the reason we had the KKK at Charlottesville. Salinas’s explanation concludes with another leap: “Not every person who agrees with Yenor’s piece is likely to become an espoused Neo-Nazi, but likely every Neo-Nazi would agree with the substance of Yenor’s piece.”

Sort of like saying all KKK members like Coca-Cola, so everyone who drinks coke likes the KKK.

And this is where we are folks. Into an Orwellian world, and where every slightly tangential relationship becomes the sum of all.

CS Lewis , when he died, was writing a story about a fictional character named Ezekiel Bulver, a boy who learned by listening carefully to his parents quarrel that “refutation is no necessary part of argument.”
He learned that all he had to do was say you're wrong, then use a personal attack, and he could spare himself the torture of having to have an actual intellectual argument. CS Lewis tells us “how Bulver became one of the makers of the Twentieth Century.”
It is easier to denounce without looking for facts, to assume someone is wrong without bothering to discover whether they are wrong or show how they are wrong. When I did that recently, laid out the facts , I was called pedantic, and boring. Hearing facts instead of just inflammatory personal remarks IS boring, requires work, and is certainly not as much fun as name calling. One just does not get the same emotional charge out of writing out the stats , that one does by insulting someone you dislike.
When you note the Emperor has no clothes, some will deny there even is an Emperor, let alone a naked one, and attack you for it.

No- it's just easier to call them a name, the more incendiary the better. But don't dare point out this tactic- because those who revel in it the most will , again, deflect from the facts, and accuse you of the same. Just ask the guy at Boise State.
Posted:Sep 13, 2017 7:48 am
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2017 8:43 pm

Again, an attempt on the part of a teeny minority to impose their will on the rest of us.
Thank goodness someone in education has the guts to tell them to go pound sand. I don't normally paste an entire article, but Todd Starnes, who reports mostly on cultural issues, says it better than I can paraphrase:

A gaggle of disgruntled atheists are doing a whole lot of hollering about the Hallelujah Chorus in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
The Freedom From Religion Foundation’s local chapter is angry after a teacher at Linden Elementary School played a portion of the “Hallelujah Chorus” during morning announcements.

“While this music may be beautiful and even inspirational for Christians, it is not acceptable for broadcasting to the entire student body at Linden Elementary,” Aleta Ledendecker wrote in a letter to the school district that was obtained by the Oak Ridger.

The aggrieved atheist group said they were acting on behalf of two parents who had children enrolled in the school.
“In consideration of all the possible choices of music, this piece with its distinctly religious content can be interpreted as proselytizing,” Ledendecker wrote.

For the record, there have not been any reports of children spontaneously converting to the Christian faith as a result of George Frideric Handel’s beautiful song.
“This is the litmus test I use: if I were a Christian parent walking in the school, and I heard over the PA system during morning announcements music with the words ‘Praise Allah. Allah is king on high. Bow down to Allah,’ how would I feel as a Christian parent with that being broadcast to all the children in the schools,” Ledendecker told the Oak Ridger.

The school district told “The Todd Starnes Show” that a teacher had a good reason for playing a 20 second excerpt from Handel’s Messiah.
“The passage was selected to correspond with the school’s overall music curriculum that, for that particular week, featured the musical works of George Handel,” the school spokesperson told me.
Long story, short – Handel is not going anywhere.
“The school system strongly disagreed with her position and, through our school board’s attorney, we responded promptly to the writer suggesting that she was in error,” the spokesperson told me.

“The criticisms articulated by Ms. Ledendecker appear to have been based upon insufficient information taken entirely out of context, incorrect assumptions about the school’s music curriculum and a fundamental misunderstanding of the First Amendment’s relationship with historically sacred classical music compositions being taught in a public school music curriculum,” the spokesperson added.

Yeah, that’s probably going to jingle the atheists’ bells.

It’s about time a school district stood up to those godless bullies and politely told them to blow it out their piccolo.
As George Handel would say, “Hallelujah!”
Posted:Sep 9, 2017 6:28 am
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2017 2:28 am

I was watching the videos of people preparing for Irma and ones of the rescue and recovery efforts of Harvey.
Then I compared it with Katrina.
One glaring thing stood out- the difference between the self reliant and those dependent on Government.
Both before and after Katrina, while there were individual acts of heroism, I saw an entire part of the city, sitting paralyzed , waiting for the Government to tell them what to do. They were told to herd into the Superdome , and nobody seemed to think this was a bad idea. No one questioned the wisdom of thousands of people crammed into a stadium, with the vulnerable and predator side by side. They did what they were told, because they had no other choice. Little security was provided.
Why was Katrina response so disastrous ? Yeah, yeah, I know -George Bush .
No- it was the complete failure from the local government. Ray Nagin, now in prison for corruption, let busses that could have evacuated people sit idle to be flooded. The Governor didn't even ask for FEMA- which by law, has to be done , for the Feds to help. Hundreds of people from the rest of the country showed up at the LA border with supplies, water and food, but no one was there to tell them where to go. Some just left.
The City of New Orleans was totally unprepared and they suffered. So instead of the local government figuring out how to prepare for the next one, what was Ray Nagin's response? "We as black people, it's time, it's time for us to come together. It's time for us to rebuild a New Orleans, the one that should be a chocolate New Orleans. And I don't care what people are saying Uptown or wherever they are. This city will be chocolate at the end of the day."
Nagin also stated that New Orleans "will be a majority African-American city. It's the way God wants it to be "
And how was he going to rebuild? Create the same conditions - more Government dependency, and foster racial animosity by telling white people you don't belong here.
This is a unity speech?

This creating divide has started all over about Harvey and Irma. The recovery isn't going to help the Black and Brown people, Trump will see to that- I heard a CNN guest say. Some stupid actress said Trump caused the hurricanes to wash away the Black and Brown people.
The problem with the so-called " news" networks, who are putting on guests to say this crap, is that the people affected by the hurricanes aren't listening. Neighbors are helping neighbors. The Cajun Navy showed up, so did every person who owned something that floated. They got the people out.
Why? The local government had their act together. The Governor was all over this way before the hurricane hit. And the Florida governor is doing the same.
All Trump did was clear the red tape, and give the states and cities what they asked for. And he did so at his own political peril. He worked with the Democrats!!! On the horror to suspend politics to save lives.

All Hurricane response has to start on the ground, at the events, not from some office in DC. Bush could have made the seas part, but he could never have made up for the incompetence of Ray Nagin and every other Louisiana politician.

It is bugging the crap out of the lame stream media they cant hang some horrible death toll on Trump. They don't have any pictures of poor Black or Brown people sitting on rooftops. There are no crying single mothers with 5 kids clinging to her , complaining the Government failed her.
And after it is all over, and people share their memories, will they be saying " I sure am grateful for FEMA " . " Good thing the Federal Government was there "
No they will thank their neighbors , the Cajun Navy, and every other citizen who helped.
All the places hit by the two Hurricanes will rebuild. And unlike New Orleans, which 17 years later, still hasn't recovered all the way, they will do it together.
Because there isn't a Ray Nagin or a Community Organizer making speeches telling them why they can't .
Posted:Sep 6, 2017 6:32 am
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2017 9:48 am

It occurred to me, watching the coverage of the rescinding of DACA, what a bunch of self-praising, virtue signaling, bundles of emotion , the Left is. Obama knew that, and made political hay with it.

Not one of the CNN, MSNBC or the oh-so sanctimonious Joy Behar, noted that the original program was sold and CALLED temporary ( deferred ) and sooner or later, it would have to be dealt with in a legal fashion by Congress.
They always forget about the law.

Laws are not passed to make people feel good, as much as to preserve order. It might make you feel good to do 90 in your new sports car, but unless you are on the Autobahn , there's this pesky thing called lawful speed limit.

This blog is not about whether you should have compassion or empathy for those affected, That is another issue.
This is about the crocodile teared who make everything ONLY about emotion, without any thought of the law, societal order and how much the law should bend or be changed to accommodate a small segment of sympathetic individuals .

This is not the only virtue signaling opportunity they have seized upon, of course. When Trump called for complete vetting from the same 7 countries the Obama Administration named for such, the virtuous blocked airports. Why didn't anyone care about the people who missed weddings, funerals, job interview, births , doctor appointments, etc because they either couldn't catch their flight or were stuck in traffic ? Those people were unimportant .
And speaking of stuck in traffic, since when is it permissible to block interstates because you have a bone to pick? Sorry if you are butt-hurt, but ambulances need to get through.
And wasn't it virtuous to burn a Muslim immigrant's rental limo on Inauguration Day so you could scream and riot about Trump being anti-immigrant ?

I could go on about statues, forcing transgender discussions on first graders, laws jailing people who don't call you the pronoun you want to be called, forcing people to celebrate gay marriage, and all the other issues the Left carries to emotional extremes. You can fill in the blanks with your personal favorites.

Hillary and Obama were very fond of props to make the issues, not about the laws, or sound policy, but to give it that old argumentum ad passiones
Obama paraded traitor Beau Bergdahl's parents in the Rose Garden. Put people in doctor coats to push Obamacare ( have you ever seen a group of doctors go to a political speech in lab coats ??? )
Hillary had her Muslim family and illegals at her Convention. Good TV, but not a way to win elections, obviously.
I saw an article a few years ago in the local paper about voter ID laws. Somehow they managed to find ONE 92 year old black woman, who no longer had a valid ID, and put her on the front page as the example of why voter ID is a bad thing. Way down in paragraph 14, they mentioned she voted anyway.

All this crying about the victims of whatever the issue de-jour is, is not about said victims. The criers do not care much about people they do not know personally. I doubt Joy Behar has dear friends who are illegal, worked menial jobs under the table, and struggled to send their child to college. I am sure the white, upper middle class , college students who blocked the airports , do not have family in Somalia waiting for a way to come to the US.
This isn't about the other people , this is about them. This is their grand opportunity to show us how moral and caring they are. When you call someone a name- like racist, sexist, Islamophobic, anti-immigrant, you are saying " I am not "

When you tell us you are SOOOO offended by a statue of a long dead person from another time, which I would wager you know little about, you are not really actually offended. You are using this opportunity to be the Pharisee- " I am better " " I care deeply " but most of all " You do not ".
Dennis Prager pointed out in a recent column this is result of the self-esteem movement. " One result of all this has been a generation that thinks highly of itself for no good reason. Perhaps the most famous example is the survey of American high school students and those of seven other countries. Americans came in last in mathematical ability but first in self-esteem about their mathematical ability. "

When you have been praised undeservingly since kindergarten, and also steeped in Leftist indoctrination, this is what you get.
You get part of a generation who thinks itself morally superior, virtuous , always in the right.
And what good is it, to think that way about yourself, and not let the rest of world know how Great you are?
Time to knock over some statues, block some streets, and cry about victims.
Don't do anything productive, like change the laws, or think about anything other than the emotional aspects.
That's too hard, and of course, not very dramatic.
Posted:Sep 4, 2017 6:43 am
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2017 6:24 am
Every now and then, you want to have a Cher/ Moonstruck moment with an elected official . The moment was her slapping Nicholas Cage and shouting " Snap out of it. "

Time for the slapping of the mayor of Berkeley . Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin said he was so “concerned” about Antifa violence at a scheduled speech at the University of California–Berkeley that the school should cancel it altogether.

Why not just ask Antifa what they need to run the city ? Antifa states it uses violence to get what it wants. So all they have to do is threaten violence and they get what they want from the Good Mayor . And college Administrators , and some police departments.

The speech in question, of course, is one by alt-right provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. A conservative campus newspaper, the Berkeley Patriot, scheduled it as part of its “Free Speech Week,” “I obviously believe in freedom of speech, but there is a line between freedom of speech and then posing a risk to public safety,” the mayor said.

And guess who decided where that line is? The ones who will shut it down. Antifa does not believe in Free Speech, just their own Approved Speech, which pretty much expresses itself is breaking stuff and beating people over the head until they get all views shut down.

This isn't how it works , Jesse. You don't stop protecting people's rights because you think that's just too hard. Your lessons that we stop protecting them because Anitfa is violent, just proves violence works. Your cowardice is just what anarchists and the Black Bloc are counting on.
And no, you don't REALLY believe in Free Speech- not when you are willing to shut it down, rather than figure out how to protect it.

This nonsense of not saying anything someone might not like, has gotten way out of hand. We are soooo concerned about offending law abiding Muslims, we didn't want to talk bad about terrorists for 8 years. But Bush started that crap after 9/11. Non-terrorists know we aren't talking to them, when someone says " Radical Islam".

We have lost our minds over statues. They want to erase one of the most significant periods in history, and the men who were the influences, because they didn't look at the world with 21st Century morals and standards.

And now, instead of public shaming to deny people's rights , we have gone out of our way to demonstrate violence works.
When faced with violence to get to an illegal end, the worst thing you can do is tell the perpetrators violence is the perfect way to get it.

We should expect more from out elected officials. I almost called them "leaders", but they sure can't lead anyone anywhere.
So come on Antifa- Berkeley and all the other cities with pansy Democrats in charge welcome you. Bring your masks , clubs, brass knuckles and knives. Come on in and stab some more police horses. ( did PETA say a word about that ? )

The Mayor of Berkeley has issued the go-ahead for your violence. Meanwhile , he is home hiding under the bed.

Posted:Sep 3, 2017 3:27 am
Last Updated:Sep 3, 2017 7:07 pm

With the possible exception of those to which this applies, the rest of us know, not matter what Trump does, the Left will hate it. Most of us have noted that already. We have said if Trump cured cancer, they would bitch he put doctors and morticians out of business.

If ever that was on display now, it is with the Hurricane. The last thing a President needs to do is interrupt things in the initial stages of hurricane rescue- take law enforcement and government resources away from the victims that would be used to protect the President .
Not so with Trump. According to CNN and the other haters, he didn't go soon enough. Then he went too soon. When he went he didn't show any "empathy"

WTF is that about ??? If he had showed up with a box of Kleenex, sobbing, they would have said he needed to stop the emotion and direct the relief and rescue efforts.
When he did think it was appropriate to go, what did the media talk about ? Melania's shoes. I am sure that was first on the mind of those being pulled out of the water. I wonder what kind of shoes the First Lady will have on when they arrive.

What a President does in front of the cameras during a disaster is largely symbolic . It is what is done by the state and local officials, with the help of the Government is what matters. Gov. Abbot has been all over this- long before the Hurricane hit.
Unlike the Governor of Louisiana during Katrina, who did not request any Federal aid for days, and the corrupt mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagan, every local official in Texas was getting prepared. New Orleans had been given Federal funding for years to fix the levees, but did nothing, and spend the money elsewhere.
Who took the blame for local corruption and incompetence in the initial stages of the Katrina rescue efforts ? The Republican President.

Trump immediately committed everything requested to the locals. But they had to request it.
During Hurricane Sandy, Congress passed a disaster bill all right, but loaded it down with pork, including $207 million for the VA Manhattan Medical Center; $41 million to fix up eight military bases along the storm’s path, including Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; $4 million for repairs at Kennedy Space Center in Florida; $3.3 million for the Plum Island Animal Disease Center and $1.1 million to repair national cemeteries. ???? And that isn't the total list.
Now Republican Senators who wanted a clean Hurricane bill back then , are taking heat for asking for funds now. Obama would gladly have signed a bigger pork filled bill.

Now the President has arrived and pitched in to help, including serving lunches and providing moral support. But this isn't good enough. It's all a photo op, they will say.
Maybe Melania is not wearing the correct clothes.
Chelsea Clinton lost her mind, of course. When asked by a reporter about the rescue efforts , Trump said it was a wonderful thing to see.
Charming Chelsea took to Twitter to say that Trump said The HURRICANE was a wonderful thing to see.

No President in recent memory has the level of widespread destruction on his watch as Hurricane Harvey. The forecasters said this a once in 100 years storm.
The lame stream is hugely disappointed the rescue and relief efforts are going as well as they are. They are pining for the days of Katrina, when they could show the poor , hapless victims of the storm from the 9th Ward on rooftops and huddled in an increasingly chaotic Superdome. They want SOMETHING horrible to happen so they can loop the footage over and over and blame Trump.
They don't want stories of heroism, sacrifice, rescue. They don't want a compete President working with local officials to make things go as smoothly as can be expected.
They want an image of death and destruction , while the President they hate ,stands around and looks helpless and confused. And when it's all over, they will nitpick thru every detail, desperately looking for something to use against the President and every elected official in the state of Texas.

We really hate to disappoint you- hate-filled CNN , or to not provide that scene of bodies floating you want so badly NYT. They don't have any scenes racial tension you want so much.
You will just have to make do with footage of people of all colors helping other people of all colors.
And of a President who got things done, instead of figuring out how to score political points from Hurricane Harvey.
Posted:Aug 31, 2017 7:59 am
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2017 7:33 pm
Saw this and can't resist sharing.
Posted:Aug 30, 2017 8:15 am
Last Updated:Aug 31, 2017 7:46 pm

Since race has come up more than a few times since November 2016, it is worth noting the vitriol with which anyone is greeted, who says something the Left can read racism into .

" On August 9, University of Pennsylvania law professor Amy Wax and University of San Diego law professor Larry Alexander published an op-ed in the Philadelphia Inquirer calling for a revival of the bourgeois values that characterized mid-century American life, including child-rearing within marriage, hard work, self-discipline on and off the job, and respect for authority.
Throwing caution to the winds, they challenge the core tenet of multiculturalism: “All cultures are not equal,” they write. “Or at least they are not equal in preparing people to be productive in an advanced economy.” Unless America’s elites again promote personal responsibility and other bourgeois virtues, the country’s economic and social problems will only worsen, they conclude. " Heather MacDonald.

Well, predictably, the Left lost its mind. This is racist, of course. Please note, they did NOT say anything about white people, they pointed out certain behaviors prepared people for success in life , while others did not. “Everyone wants to come to the countries that exemplify” these values. “Everyone wants to go to countries ruled by white Europeans.” Western governments have undoubtedly committed crimes, she said, but it would be a mistake to reject what is good in those countries because of their historical flaws.

OMG- you mean there is NO ONE who is sneaking into Somalia or Yemen illegally to enjoy the superiority of those countries, over, say the US or even France ???

There used to be a time when those Bourgeois values of family, law and community were shared by all. Black men and women finished school, got a job, got married, THEN had kids. In that order. But the Great Society changed all that. The welfare system put in place by the "enlightened " Democrats, succeeded in destroying the Black Family. You don't have to believe me, some excellent books on the subject are far more eloquent. " Please Stop Helping Us " by Jason Reilly is a good place to start.

But back to the two Professors. They have been vilified, ostracized , and attempts to criminalize what they said have been called for. Wax had emphasized that she was not implying the superiority of whites. “Bourgeois values aren’t just for white people,” she had said. “The irony is: Bourgeois values can help minorities get ahead.”
No Matter to the pompous , but soooo easily offended students. An assistant professor of educational linguistics at the education school , Nelson Flores, implied that Wax was nostalgic for Jim Crow.

This is what happens when the " diverse ", " sensitive" and " enlightened " Left is confronted with uncomfortable truths. Giving people hand outs instead of helping them succeed on their own, cripples them.
Being responsible is not a bad thing, but don't tell the snowflakes that. And traditionally white countries with European and US values are where everyone who wants to get out their own hell hole country , wants to come.
And as the professors pointed out, it is not because of skin color, but the Western values of Freedom , associated with those countries.

But you are not allowed to say that out loud. Not if you don't want to be called a racist, Homophobe, Islamophobe, knuckle-dragger etc.
The destruction of those Superior Western Values of family, freedom, and order , is what groups like Antifa want to destroy.
So I ask all the complicit media, Sanders left-overs, Trump haters, college snowflakes who agree with Antifa, and the Far Left :
When it is all gone- all that you claim to hate- what will you do then ? Who will protect you when the police and military are gone ? When the Constitution has been shredded, what will protect your right to assemble , speak, not be subjected to unlawful search ?
Where will be YOUR right to life, liberty . And if the anarchy that will follow is what you want, I question your current "pursuit of happiness "

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