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Events and Issues that changed My course
Posted:Mar 22, 2019 8:04 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2019 4:50 pm

There are things that happen, and issues resolved... who's impact extends in a far reaching manner
To the perception of the world, a country, a group, and the individual.

Some things I can only imagine...... by the cause and effect.. Through history..
Like Chrisitianity...The Crusades, The Reformation...
In America....we have the Revolutionary War....Slavery and the Civil War.. the Industrial Revolution, The Depression, and World War II.... I wasn't around for any of that...but I saw What it's did, first hand with my parents, The Depression and WWII...

For these events and issues the tentacles reached into the psyche..and effect far more than just the event or issue. I don't wish to argue results.. just the impact.of the result.

I can see the issues and events in my own life that have Change my path,, and my view the path others have taken.. One could say that each one' path is destined.. but I know for me, some events changed the way I think..not so much about the event, but how I think about other things.

Two things.. I'm not talking about the normal family, and schooling, wealth, adversity..I'm talking about Markers in your life. How a single event or a single issue can change YOU.. And certainly, not to infer that everybody changes the same..

For me.. first it was the Vietnam War was the issue and it resolution... The change in me was manifested in the particulars of JFK and Watergate, Hippies and The Beatles, Segregation and Civil rights..and the breakdown of families.... I know it's hard for most of you to see.. but the tentacles of the Vietnam War..were far reaching.. and changed my way of thinking and the view of the world..

Next the event and issue was the tremendous increase in property values. it changed the way I saw making money. It change the "normalcy' of the economy.

I don't Know what event it was.. it may be the next one I mention or something else...but I stopped seeing myself as the center of the universe.. and began thinking about other people. not how they see me.. but how I see them.. As a result the next few issues and events are all personal and probably have had no effect on you. At least any your willing to recognize...

The first issue was abortion...It went on for years...It's tentacles reached into everything as to how saw people..It was the first issue for me.. that started even the thought of an US against them.

Then it was 9-11 and the War in Iraq..

And Now it's Donald Trump. The resolution of Donald Trump.. Will have the greatest impact this country has ever known. Impeaching him is not the answer, unless almost every American agrees. I say tar and feather him and ride him out on a rail throughout this entire COUNTRY..
BETO on C-Span
Posted:Mar 21, 2019 7:50 am
Last Updated:Mar 22, 2019 5:17 pm

Last night channel surfing..tired of watching the news....I hit c-span. with the program title "Campaign 2020"... No other information.. decided see what was on it. Well it was filming... Beto's Town Hall stop.. in Keene New Hampshire.. It was good.. no commentary. no breaks... just Beto and the people there ..

It was broken up into four parts.. first Beto welcoming speech.. then questions from the audience..It wasn't really an "audience" It was crowd, that was right on top of him.He never failed to acknowledge the people in the back..... Then a meet and greet everyone there with autographs and photos. Finally an impromptu local press question and answers.

Beto acted more like a guy running for mayor of Keene than President.. It was personal.
Never seemed canned. I imagined for some it seemed un-Presidential..Off the cuff..and a guy dressed like he was running for Trash collector. (which in essence is what he's going to do.. pick up the Trump "trash"...)

He didn't have a bad word to say about anybody.....Trump name was insinuated but never spoken. Republicans were treated like any other Americans.
Beto connects with no other candidate can. The connection is not phony.. He spoke to people there.. who obviously had a specific agenda to find fault..Climate, guns, education, Palestinians, Allies and foreign policy, the Green New deal, jobs, and Medicare for ALL...he answered their questions, all off the cuff.. He gave answers that probably were not what they wanted to hear.. but answers they could accept....Some of those, who asked those questions.. were obviously single issue voters looking for a candidate.. Some of those WILL NOT Choose BETO. But not a single one of them left.. thinking he didn't listen and didn't understand.

Beto claims not to know all the answers.. he claims to depend on others for advice and direction....But his knowledge on each of the subjects was astounding. He talked of compromise.....working across the aisle...
He said sometimes not being able to achieve the perfect answer .. One must strive for a good answer.
Can Trump WIN in 2020?
Posted:Mar 19, 2019 7:50 am
Last Updated:Mar 21, 2019 6:58 am

Assuming he makes it..til then

There isn't a Democrat running right now...that would Lose to Trump.....

So it's not that a Democrat can't win.. It's that a Democrat could lose..

First we need to to understand a couple of things..

The Division in this country goes way deeper than the the Right and the Left.
The so called Liberal News Media....Isn't Very Liberal at all . The so called "Liberal"'s is inherently ADVERSE and self serving. It along with all social media can be manipulated.
When it comes to elections....People determine the differences instead of the commonality.....The results instead of the direction... No candidate will get everybody on their side for the nomination... Those that don't get immediately on board will be exploited by the opposition...We will replay the Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton thing all over again.. You're kidding yourself ..if you don't think that cost Hillary the election.

Finally the Democratic Party as a whole... and the candidates... catering to specific groups to obtain the nomination and win the general election... The negative carryover of that to the general election is enormous. As soon as the Democratic Party recognizes...Women, Black people, brown people, religious people, gay people and immigrants.. as separate people.. It doesn't become what they GAIN as a whole.. It becomes what they LOSE. It becomes the failure of the Democratic Party and the electorate.. to realized the solution to any of those problems... is the same solution to ALL those problems.

Probably the single greatest failure of the American electorate is to realize.. The only importance of an election is the direction not the results. Policy issues are NEVER determined by a single election...It takes many elections to achieve a desired policy result....No candidate will be successful witrh a policy result.. only in the lead for that direction.. It MUST be taken up by future elections... the recent evidence is Obama.. and the direction..and the failure and again the direction... Obama, in history, will be know as the initiator of healthcare reform.. It will happen.. but he personally will have failed to achieve that policy result.
The uniformity of "directions", is being torn the "poor" losers, by self interests, no sacrifices, and WHO pays for it?
If these things become part the decision making for Democrats.. if they choose not to follow "directions" but results..... They could lose..
NO Democrat, in this election, who follows "directions' could vote for anyone else, but a Democrat... The "directions" is all Democrats should need to get them "ALL" to the polls
Posted:Mar 11, 2019 5:18 pm
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2019 9:24 am

What I would find hard to believe is that more disgusted by Trump than I am. How could anybody, more than I, vote for anybody besides Trump.
That anybody would like to see him removed from office more than I...

So when I tell you .. you don't know WTF you're doing... and what you're doing is not What I want.. What you're doing services an agenda...that I oppose..
Believe me..... it doesn't have a damn thing to do with what I think of Trump.. it has to do with what I think of YOU.. The greatest deterrent to completing an impeachment... is talking about an impeachment... you need to sneak up on the SOB to nail him.

I got to listen to those Democrats opposed to Pelosi's statement today about impeachment...I think... Why can't they THINK.. Why can't they listen? There has Never been a President to complete the impeachment process. I would love for Trump to be the First....but that ain't going to happen.. right NOW

Impeachment, NOW, doesn't work on either moral grounds or political grounds.. In fact politically, impeaching the WORST thing that can be done. You want to sink the ship? Be smart.....You don't need to torpedo it..
Despite what these right Yahoo's say.. This ship is taking on water...everyday and in every way.. there is no saving it. You got make sure it doesn't take your ship down too. Get away from it....don't be collateral damage.

Impeachment is a process.. not a trial..
Impeachment is not a deliberation.. It's a verdict.
Impeachment is not a sentence.. It's a dead man walking.
Impeachment can't happen....until it's already happened.

We've been to the well of impeachment before... What did it get US?

"The forceful removal of a president is not a topic that is taken lightly among voters and members of Congress, though the highly partisan atmosphere has made it more common for staunch opponents of a president to circulate rumors about impeachment.

In fact, the three most recent presidents each endured suggestions from certain members of Congress they should be impeached: George W. Bush for his handling of the Iraq War; Barack Obama for his administration's handling of Benghazi and other scandals; and Donald Trump, whose erratic behavior grew into a major concern among some members of Congress during his first term.

Still, serious discussions of impeaching a president have occurred rarely in our nation's history because of the damage they can cause to the republic."

We are not there yet.....don't fall into the trap that impeachment can be partisan, is partisan justice... and a partisan deterrent... it's NONE of those things.. America decides on the process of impeachment.. History shows US... no other way gets it done.
How many times does partisanship have to lose..... to get the message.
big....your lack of understanding amazes me.
Posted:Mar 11, 2019 9:10 am
Last Updated:Mar 13, 2019 9:23 am

I can't read your blogs.. but I get the gist.

I'm not sure what you were like when you were a "new hire" or if you ever were.

But what I have seen from our young (especially female)...New congressional hires...
Is the overwhelming desire to grab the bull by the horns..

They simply haven't learned.... how not to get gored yet.. Which I find refreshing

So.. we can fault their political suave.....their misdirected ideas.... this climate.....
We need to appreciate......their honesty, integrity, and willingness to die on the vine..

Octavio-Cortez....isn't going anywhere.. literally or figuratively...She maybe a little too much for US to handle at this point.... but as far as ideas go.....She brings something to the table..that's worthy of discussion..if not implementation...She epitomizes a problem..not the solution.

So go ahead find the mistakes...don't bother listening.... to her or anyone else.. It seems honesty, in any form, baffles you..Disagreement with someone,, doesn't prove their dishonesty..
I can attest.. that is what you do....It's too bad.. that you think you're good at it....when in reality you're just an idiot.
Defining Words
Posted:Mar 11, 2019 8:11 am
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2019 1:30 pm

In a resolve it.. there has to be an agreed definition of words.

When one side uses a word as a catchall....Yet their actions define it specifically..It becomes...a protection against disagreement....As it becomes defined by their actions.. yet the definitions changes when it's confronted by their actions...

I honestly don't care what Israel does...They get to define their own State. Under their own circumstances.. America is not Israel..

But as you point out...that doesn't prevent America from using define itself....

The disagreement and the avoidance of the definition....Is in regards to the word NATIONALISM....Israeli Nationalism and American Nationalism..

Nationalism can be based on different factors of commonality..culture, ethnics, race, religion, economics, regions, and doctrines.

Israel.. defines itself as a Jewish State....In so doing it become Nationalistic..

So How does America define itself.. to become Nationalistic..
the answer is... it CAN'T.. but some people think it Can..

The word "nationalism".. used by an American nationalist.....changes it meaning.
It's not used to define our role in the world... It's used to define who we are. It's used to....promote and define American ethnicity, culture, religion, politics, and elitism....
Nationalism,, by its actions in a "dog whistle"...For fascists and racists.
Defining.. a single culture, a single religion, and a single politics.

Definition of nationalism

1 : loyalty and devotion to a nation especially : a sense of national consciousness (see consciousness sense 1c) exalting one nation above all others and placing primary emphasis on promotion of its culture and interests as opposed to those of other nations or supranational groups


Nationalism is the desire for political independence of people who feel they are historically or culturally a separate group within a country.


The two ideas of nationalism... are viewed outside the country.. and inside the country.

Nationalists use the definition of outside the country..NOT inside, but they do not define culture and interest on puirpose..
Culture and interest is trying to be defined inside the country..
They simply see themselves as being attack from within as an historical and cultural separate group, and wants it's restoration to power.
Like the American Revolution.. this is the New Revolution... but instead of the British.. These NEW Nationalists are revolting against the oppression by America, to it's rightful inhabitants.

Nationalism is not a loyalty and devotion to their oppose to the outside world.
It is the "dog whistle" to their meaning of Make America Great Again...
Leaf so you want take over..while you're on hiatus.?
Posted:Mar 10, 2019 9:35 am
Last Updated:Mar 12, 2019 11:49 am

Well... you may not like what you hear..

As far as Democrats....I could care less about policy matters...Socialist, Progressive, Moderate, or Independent..that choice I would leave up to you.

The Candidate the Democrats choose.....Must heal the damage done by Trump...Must change the narrative of being ANTI........Must not feed the beast.....Anything remotely like that.... presented to be "IN YOUR FACE"....I'm against..
Using Trump to forward a political agenda.. is counter any politcal agenda
Using a Candidates... That portrays or allows the misinterpretation, by an opponent, of the Democrat agenda is a mistake.
There is no viable reason to throw Socialism.. Progressivism, gender, race, or sexuality..."In the face" of America. WE lose.. When you do that.

There is NO Democrat Candidate....That doesn't move the needle towards the left.
but for some Democrats..that's NOT good enough?? They refuse to let this "opportunity....TO WIN... pass them by.....They use all the means necessary to Win..
Especially USING the negativity towards Trump.. ...To LIE...that his negativity provides support for their particular Democrat agenda. It's propaganda.

I'm different.... because... all I do is separate the WHAT from the HOW... and you're stuck on the WHAT...And only complain about the HOW.. when it's NOT WHAT you want.

In 2016... Through the Republicans.. We saw HOW the HOW works

Now.. for 2020.. I got to sit by and see HOW the HOW works for the Democrats.
What are you "giving up" for Lent
Posted:Mar 7, 2019 9:30 am
Last Updated:Mar 11, 2019 2:15 pm

Last night during Lunch.. 9 P. I was sitting around the TV.. tuned to CNN .. In the cafeteria area.....There are two big screen TV's... one on CNN and the other on FOX news... Anyway... if I am eating and don't want to throw .. I watch CNN..

Cuomo was on.. and had black stuff on his forehead and someone asked what was.. I told them ASH Weds.. The discussion the table turn to religion...

A lady said she wasn't religious but observed LENT..

I told her.... "I wasn't religious.. I was spiritual"...then i laughed..

I told her... I observe Lent too... and I was giving up sex.. but not raisin bread..

She Said.... Really?

I said sort of.. I've given up sex.. but not really sure when Lent is.. but I might as well be giving it up , for it.. (Laugh)

She said.... Raisin bread?

I said:.. well the other day... I went to a bakery.. and three young men were in line in front of me..
The first guy ordered raisin bread.. which was on the top shelf.. the lady needed a step ladder to reach it.. and to my surprise.... she wasn't wearing panties.. the young men chuckled.. but I was more wide eyed amazed.

The next two ordered raisin bread too.. when I was the next in line.. the lady looked down from step ladder.. looked .. and said...."I suppose yours is raisin too..

I said...."no... but.... it's twitchin a might."

So.. not giving up raisin bread for Lent
but I do have a problem.. If I ever could find the right lady..who would "give it up "
I would no longer give up sex for Lent...but because of what I would do...
I'd just have to give up Religion for Lent!
I'm Witch hunting .. the Wicked Witch of the East...
Posted:Mar 7, 2019 7:39 am
Last Updated:Mar 8, 2019 12:37 am

The only question I have now is... why I have to explain it. The irony of taking hours to explain...What somebody should already know in a New York standing on a corner waiting for a cab... So i can cross the street

Why do I draw the "big" picture to a "blind man" who can never see it?

What's Rich...Is how can I explain reality to someone?.... who sees...God and Trump has been created in "his" own image.
How can I explain something doesn't exist..LIKE NO COLLUSION......If I can define it...because I can see it, feel it, touch it, and logically conclude it does......To someone, who believes what does exist.. you can't see, feel or logically conclude it does... and doesn't even have to define it.

Being From Kansas.... and believing Ruby Red slippers can bring it home...Once you 'follow the Yellow Brick road"... Trump hasn't already pissed on, just to confuse you...Or sniff,,"the Wicked's" flowers, put you to sleep..
To not to be fooled by the "Munchins" and the sometimes a "big " person... is really just "little people"

In conclusion....The only way to get rid of the Wicked Witch of the EAST .........
Is to drop "The House" on it.....and break the cycle..

Don't put out a the fire by throwing gasoline on it.....Get rid of it.. by throwing water on it... what will work on her "sister"
And while we are at it...
FREE Toto Too.
How is it possible?
Posted:Mar 5, 2019 10:04 am
Last Updated:Mar 7, 2019 11:58 am

There are great events in history... where people begin to see their lives differently...when how something becomes possible..that was once an impossibility...the impossibility based on a lifetime, of an individuals base truths, images and thoughts, that are real and it becomes impossible to understand......How something else is possible.

Individually and through the circumstance of our live we create our reality...Certain events, challenge that reality.....they change the reality....We fail to grasp a certain events and how it fits into our reality...Until we have no choice.. but to accept it.

The day a man landed on the moon...changed our reality...
The event can occur in a moment or over time.. challenge and cause us to question ourselves...what is real and what isn't.

This time and this place is one of those moment for me....I hold on to the illusion...that it's simply an illusion.....A mirage that will dissapear.. when I arrive at the gates.

I hold on to the illusion of the illusion.. that "fake news" is not really "fake news"... That the truth.. I have learned are TRUTHS... that my purpose, is the same as OUR purpose..

But in this time and this place....the continuum of events... makes me, wonder .. How is it possible? How can my life and my purpose be so different....Now....

Has the human race caught some sort of infection? Is it some natural plan that forebodes the apocalypse?.... Have aliens taken over bodies, and the destruction of US from Within..
the idea that... How is it possible?...As Now for me....this makes anything possible..except heaven on earth..

The illusion of the illusion.....I stand outside the Hell of it.. and peer through the gates..
that I once believe was an find myself not without but within...
and I can become the ILLUSION.

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