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Life on Life's TErms

Rock Hound Adventures in Washington DC
Posted:Sep 23, 2017 8:54 pm
Last Updated:Sep 24, 2017 7:29 pm
Found in Washington DC.
I found Ladybug Rock from Anne Arundel County, Maryland in Washington DC and she decided has made her way to West Virginia. She is currently keeping company with Greenbrier County, West Virginia's "I <3 Grumpy Rock.

It will be interesting to see if they manage to stay together for the rest of the journey or where they will land.

The Joy of Sleeping on Church Floors in DC
Posted:Sep 21, 2017 10:01 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2017 11:13 am
Deni and I met at Trinity Lutheran Church which has a no frills hostel for activist groups. We had the church hall, kitchen, and shower facilities. There were also mats and it's not so bad when you put two of together.

We spent that evening planning, making signs, and fellowship. The next day consisted of walking to the metro, commuting to the FERC Building, holding protest signs going through the check point to attend the FERC meeting and getting escorted out of the building.

Next, we hiked over to the Senate building. Deni and I had appointments with our Senators both on opposite sides of the two buildings. It was an exhausting day.

We hike to the Metro to St. Stephens & the Incarnation Episcopal church. we were welcome to use the very thin mats on the pews on the HARD marble floors in the sanc·tu·ar·y. I might have considered it a great adventure in an earlier decade but my 60 plus year old body was screaming "No FiretrUCKING Way!"

I am so glad that my 60 plus year old girlfriend was in agreement when I suggested that we Uber it over to International Guest House for tea with the Mennonites. There was a nice comfortable bed with nice clean sheet along with a European style breakfast in the morning.

I would have woken up thinking I was haunting my own wake if by great miracle I managed to actually fall asleep in that Sanctuary.

Washington DC Adventures with FERC = Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
Posted:Sep 21, 2017 7:47 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2017 11:54 am
Last week, my Quaker girlfriend sent me a message. She is very active with SAYMA Earthcare and I try to be a supportive friend. She was in Maryland visiting grandbabies but received a message about a pending protest. She immediate set up appointments with our Senators and asked if I wanted to meet her in DC. So I booked a train.

I stayed at a Hostel for a few day but moved to Trinity Lutheran Church when the organizing started. We stayed on mats on the floor of the Church but it was actually quite comfortable.

We made protest signs which is actually fun and the next morning bee bopped over to the FERK meeting. Homeland security was there. The protest was not as big as they anticipated. Deni and I were asked, "Are you willing to go to jail? We both agreed "No FiretrUCKING way! People get arrested for disruptive protesting - They spend two hours in a holding tank and are told to pay $50 and if they behave themselves for six months - the charges are dropped. It's a win/win for them because they get money.

There was a meeting in the FERC building. They had a list and the known troublemakers went into the 'OVERFLOW" room. The Security check was very intense. I have less trouble getting into the Senate Buildings. They opened my make-up bag even the mascara tube. Nevertheless, Deni and I made it into the regular meeting room. The room was surround by police.I actually thought the meeting was interesting but suddenly folks were singing "We shall overcome" a few folks were yelling and being dragged out. Deni and I were not disruptive but we opted to leave anyway. I suspect that we made the "Overflow" room list regardless.

Next was the march to the Senate Building where Deni and I Actually had appointments with our Senators.

Sometimes - It's best to simply say THANK YOU!!!!!
Posted:Sep 16, 2017 4:11 am
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2017 9:46 pm
I did not put a Hillary sticker on my car for concerns that my car would be egged or the tires flatten. West Virginia is full of deployables. My strategy was to support the state and local less controversial candidates who will ultimately have more influence than POTUS regardless.

I find it amusing that some folks are trying to put a political spin on the recent natural disasters. I don't care about a person's color, religion, culture or politics - I just want them safe. I donated $$$$$ to the Church that sheltered my Texas cousin. She voted for Trump. I don't care, I just want her and her four children to be safe and they are. I didn't even ask the black mother in Florida who she voted for when I sent her money. I wanted her and her children to be safe and they are.

Last year we had our own natural disaster in West Virginia. My neighbor were Trump supporters but they needed food, cleaning supplies, and water. It became my mission to get it for them. I was at a church loading up supplies in my car. There was a truck with a Trump Sticker. The redneck driving the truck was also loading up supplies to deliver to those in need.

My Mission suddenly became easier - when a group of folks from the United Church of God from Marshall County, West Virginia drove into the parking lot. They quickly and efficiently delivered cases of water to everyone. I have a sneaking suspicion that none of these folks had a "Hillary for President" sticker on their cars. I simply said "Thank You!" and gave them a High Five on FB.

Another Train Trip to Washington DC to Show #45 the LOVE!!!!
Posted:Sep 14, 2017 7:13 pm
Last Updated:Sep 15, 2017 11:19 pm
Thus far this year, I have been to Washington DC four times. I was not planning to go back until November. Earlier this week, I got an e-mail from my EarthCare Quaker Activist girlfriend. There is an anti-FERK rally and lobbying adventure. The train trip is booked for a bargain price of $32. I am leaving Sunday. Does anybody have any messages of LOVE that I can pass along to TRUMP? (No profanity allowed)

Hot Chocolate and b/sex0/b !!!!!!
Posted:Sep 12, 2017 11:02 pm
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2017 9:32 pm
Like some Bloggers - I have to use compelling words to make sure the blogs get read thus the S-Word.

LOVE is like savoring Hot Chocolate before it cools down. It will take you by surprise but warms you up for the entire night


Love and Light to Dan - Jokes about Conservatives
Posted:Sep 3, 2017 2:51 pm
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2017 9:38 pm

Why should Creationism be taught in schools?
Because it leaves less time to teach Global warming and tobacco's link to cancer

What kind of celebration pays down the national debt?
A tea party.

What's the difference between God and a Conservative?
God knows He's not a Republican.

Why do most conservatives fail geometry?
Because they don't have any points.

Why are jokes about conservatives getting dumber and dumber?
Because Republicans have started to make them up themselves.

What do you call an idiot who spends their days mortified by aliens, Arabs and anthrax?
"A Fox News Viewer"

Why is trade with comunnist Cuba bad?
Because it lowers our trade potential with China and Vietnam

What do you call a Republican who wants insurance to cover Viagra but not birth control?

What do Republicans and porn stars have in common?
They are experts in switching positions in front of a camera.

How do you fight the war on terror?
By belittling our long-time allies, then demanding their cooperation and money

Why is it bad when the Republicans control the House, the Senate, Supreme Court, the White House?
Because they only have themselves to blame

What does Anna Nicole Smith call Strom Thurmond?
The Bachelor

What does GOP stand for?
Grabs Our Pussy.

What's the difference between a car and a politician.
You get to test-drive a car.

If Ted Haggard isn't a George Bush Republican, what kind of republican is he?
A George Michael Republican!

Why weren't the Republicans behind the verdict in the Saddam Hussein Trial a couple of days before the 2006 Midterm Elections?
Because they were so busy fixing the price on oil!

What do the Republican primaries and the Duggars have in common?
They both have 19 kids and counting.

What do you get when you offer a member of the Tea Party a penny for his thoughts?

When is it okay for Republicans to engage in group s*x and drug use?
After they decide to run for Governor of California

What do you call it, when 10 GOP presidential candidates give their speeches and promises all at the same time?
Answer: Mass-debating!

How do you confuse a Conservative?
You don't. They're born that way.

How is Donald Trump going to shut down the Department of Education?
By renaming it Trump University.

What is the difference between a Republican azz-kisser and a brown-noser?
Depth perception.

How many Democrats does it take to clean up a disastrous Bush presidency?
At least two!

Why won't Barack Obama be celebrating his 51st birthday?
Republicans won't let Democrats raise taxes on the rich let alone Barack Obama's age!

What the difference between a Conservative and the rear end of a horse?
I don't know either.

Why did Elizabeth Dole consider running for the Senate?
To get away from Bob and his little blue pills!

What does Trumps hair and a thong have in common?
They both barely cover the azzhole.

What did Bob Dole say after appearing in a Pepsi commercial with Britney Spears?
If this won't cure erectile dysfunction....nothing will

Why are gay Saudis a big dilemma for Republicans?
Because they're gays with oil

What do you call a basement full of Conservatives?
A whine cellar.

What's worse than Bill Clinton calling you a womanizer?
Marc Foley calling you a pervert!

Is lying to enlist support for a war in which thousands die an impeachable offense?
Nooooo!!!!.....But lying about an extramarital affair is!

Q: When was Saddamm a good guy?
A1: When Reagan armed him!
A2. After George Sr went to war with him
A3. While Cheney was doing business with him
A4: When Dubya needed a "We can't find Bin Laden" diversion

What does "Standing Tall for America" mean?
Firing your workers and moving their jobs to India.

There is a Red House on the right and blue house on the left where is the White House?
in Washington DC

How does a Democrat get killed in Texas?
When driving around in a car with a bumper sticker saying "I voted for Obama, I'm gay, and I'm here to take your guns."

If pro is the opposite of con then is progress the opposite of congress?

P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S. = Purely Outright Lies Intended To Infect Common Sense.

Why was the delegation from the Dallas Dyslexic Republican Association turned away from the Republican National Convention?
Their placard read: 'We love Taxes'.

"The man who can befriend someone who does not like him, is either a politician, and thus cannot be trusted, or a fool, and thus should not be a politician."

A Republican died and a friend went around collecting for a fund for his funeral. A woman was asked to donate ten dollars.
"Ten dollars?" she said. "It only takes ten dollars to bury a Republican?
Here's a hundred - go bury 10 of them!"

A Conservative found a magic genie's lamp and rubbed it. The genie said, "I will grant you one wish." He said, "I wish I were smarter".
So the genie made him a Liberal.
SFF Police Profiling! Time to Organize a PROTEST!!!!
Posted:Sep 2, 2017 2:44 pm
Last Updated:Sep 16, 2017 3:43 am
Your comment has been denied due to the following reason: profanity Feel free to submit a new comment.

So the Leaf gets to say P*NIS and nobody else can say $*X. Do they think Old people are offended by it even if we did invent it or at least that's what we told our parents.


It's time to start crocheting some P*ssy Hats.


The 1000 Year Flood - June 2016 - West Virginia
Posted:Sep 1, 2017 12:58 am
Last Updated:Sep 2, 2017 1:09 pm
The recent flooding in Texas takes me back to the experiences with the West Virginia Floods last year. Ironically, I had been in Baltimore the day before. I was tempted to stay a few more days. My car was parked at the Amtrak station. My car would have been floating down the river if I had opted to stay.

I went to a DAR potluck at the end of the county. When I returned to my car, I heard on the radio about Flood Warning. I pondered on rather to stop at Wal-Mart before heading home but remembered how crazy stores can be before a storm. Hindsight is 20/20 but I should have headed directly to Rhema Christian Center instead of home.

Driving home was a surreal experience. The water was getting higher and higher while the road was falling apart around me. I barely made it home in the nick of time.
There were so many close calls and coincidences that confirmed that God was listening to me. I talked to him quite a bit on the drive home.

I live on top of a hill but I watches the water rushing down the community below. What a mess. We had no water or power but I was grateful to be able to sleep in my own bed. I found bottles of water on my patio chair. My landlord was doing what he could. I remembered the housebound seniors in my apartment need water. The roads were a mess. The road I took home was completely closed. I stopped at Wal-Mart. No Water. I stopped at IGA and was able to buy water. I decide to go on to Rhema Christian Center. The Coast Guard was there along with several volunteers. I told them the situation with the Seniors in my apartment and they load my trunk AND the back of the car with Water.

That was my mission for the next two weeks. Thank God for the Faith Community. These disasters frequently bring out the best in people.

A LIBERAL'S Prospective of the Shaming of Pastor Joel Osteen
Posted:Aug 29, 2017 11:16 am
Last Updated:Sep 1, 2017 12:26 am
Thus far, I have been called a racist, a white apologist and a civil war fanatic for defending the Constitution. Now I have been officially declared "a defender of hypocrisy."

Television evangelist Osteen has received some really nasty tweets and FB remarks for not immediately opening up his megachurch, that was converted from an arena that seats over 16,000, to the thousands of people that have been displaced by flooding following Hurricane Harvey.

Granted, Megachurches are not my forte. I am very happy with my humble Quaker Meeting that gets together at the local library on Sundays. The best that we could do was support the organizations that were better equipped to help the flood survivors from last year's Thousand Year Flood in West Virginia.

There are folks who are quick to criticize people of faith and hypocrite seems to be the favorite term. Nonetheless, People from various faiths certainly stepped in to help our devastated West Virginia community.

Perhaps some folks don't realize what a major league undertaking is required to open up a church to house that many people. Joel Osteen may be the pastor of Lakewood Church but he is not necessarily the boss. There is a board that he is accountable to. There is also local ordinances and safety regulations that have to be followed. There could be flooding or the potential flooding. There are safety, security and sanitation issues

Houston doesn't need a repeat of the Astrodome scenerio in New Orleans. People were without food, water, sanitation supplies, medicine and vulnerable people became crime victims.

Maybe the best way that Lakewood can help the flood victims is to support the resources that are better equipped to help them. It is my observation that Texas is doing an excellent job of helping themselves. We need to quit taking their inventory.

Just my not so humble opinion!!!


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