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!!!???quiz!!!???   11/25/2011

plese help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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rammm148 38 M
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sex is good..?   5/29/2011

The word's use is considered obscene in social contexts, but may be common in informal and domestic situations. It is unclear whether the word has always been considered vulgar, and if not, when it first came to be used to describe (often in an extremely angry, hostile or belligerent manner) unpleasant circumstances or people in an intentionally offensive way, such as in the term motherfucker, ...

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rammm148 38 M
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dating id god..........   3/7/2011

yes no bad................

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Young people in our site   12/31/2008

I wonder why there are so many young people involved with SF.I refer to people in their forties, mostly male. Long, long ago, when I was that age, I would not dream of getting involved in a web site which caters for senior citizens. I would wonder about the motives of young people who are involved. (male or female) Are some of them predators, hoping to prey on the older folk. You read ...

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50TallandBuilt9 64 M
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Why do some always assume men are liars   6/25/2008

Some women tend believe that men are out right liars...

Not that we are perfect, but just to assume we are lying really goes straight to my stomach as a deep wound...And this comes from a person I have never talked with in person...

Yes, I have a lot of friends in my network, Yes, I chat with all ladies in a chat room, Yes, I have a lot of fun here..and I have met 1 person in ...

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fireball59 60 M
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I like also this one...   11/5/2007

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, Son of God, who came to earth to erase the sins of the world, but he had forgotten his gum.

Chronicles of hate ordinary: Holidays (unpublished).

P. Desproges (I dont write again the dates, now you know them, lol ...).

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FRIENDS??   9/24/2006

From what type of personality do you prefer to choose be your friend? is it humour? their attitude? or something else?

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tammi1027 70 F
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DOORS-why does it seem so important?   8/13/2006

I don't get it. Maybe because I'm a girl. I really don't know. Why does it seem so important to men for them to open doors for us. This can go on for years, even if you marry. I have heard all the "reasons" for this, but still, why? I would rather my date concentrate on learning my name, smiling at me, listening to an answer to his question. Rushing to open doors for me is like using a ...

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For Single Men and Women   7/8/2006

For Single Men and Women
1.What kind of love do you hope to have when you find love?
* 2.How have you succeeded in developing the love you dreamed in your daily life?
* 3.What are the three areas where you have not become the loving self you dreamed of being in your love relationships?
* 4.What kindness, care, respect and understanding are you aiming to ...

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petitesagesse 55 F
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Vocabulary of the Fair Sex   7/7/2006

This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.
If she is getting dressed, this is half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given 5 more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.
This is the calm before the storm. This means ...

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TheHag 71 F
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ANY THREE PEOPLE ...   6/23/2006

If you could have any three people as guests at dinner (now living or from any time in history), whom would you invite and why?
(Will add my own current picks when this has been up a day or two. They change from time to time. Luv & Laughter! The Hag

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Windsurfer993 58 M
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Windsurfer993   6/4/2006

Getting intouch with this ones easy, now you can Call me at Senior FriendFinder To connect live on the internet.

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do you agree?   5/18/2006

people are quite sensitive and they say there's only so much one can take.They say the closest people to you tend to hurt you the most.with a man you can always see it coming.if you are dating a man and he's drifting you will know but deny it.with a woman apparently its different.when they strike, you never saw it coming in most cases.they just strike like a slap in the dark.relationships ...

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joed48 64 M
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What is big deal wih age difference.   5/12/2006

It seems I am either way too young or too old on this site. Women seem to think that age can be a problem. I am not talking about a decade difference but just a couple of years in either direction. But I believe we should enjoy the time we could spend with others no matter what age. Or maybe its just an easy way to reject someone.

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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The speLL checker On yOu   3/29/2006

Thomas Jefferson: Take care that you never spell a word wrong. Always before you write a word, consider how it is spelled, and, if you do not remember, turn to a dictionary. It produces great praise to a lady to spell well. to his daughter Martha

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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Experience   3/26/2006

By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest. Confucius
Marriages - Reflection- Reading about it in a book???? Imitation - Following Good Examples????? Experience - Screwing Up and Learning???? OH! Joy

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TROLLundercover 79 F
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Miss Astrochild   3/25/2006

- - why do you put up so many articles in a row ?
maybe if you ask mr sff he will add another category for you "MISS ASTRO ARTICLES" - - do you like it ?
as i'm CEO - - i'll get the staff to grant it , but you'' have to bribe me with chocolate and cake . lots of it. delivered in trucks .

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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Chakra Balance Starts At the Heart   3/22/2006

Chakras are energy fields that are found within the Aura. When balancing the Chakras, it is best to start at the heart Chakra. A clearing of the heart chakra will improve the interaction of all the other centers.
There is a temptation to start at the Root Chakra and work to the upper Chakra. The problem is that it becomes too difficult to clear it thus chakras then the upper ...

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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Success and Acheiver   3/22/2006

Success is not measured by what you accomplish but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds." Orison Swett Marden

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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Ode to Bully and GG Article   3/22/2006

Progress is opting to NOT read the Disagreeable article and picking up vile, negetive Energy..........
PAGE 66 OF THE big book
A life that includes deep resentment only leads to furtility and unhappiness. To the percise extend that we permit these, we squander hours which might have been worth while.
When harboring such feelings, we shut ourselves off the sunlight ...

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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Beyond the 13th Step   3/22/2006

Step 13: examine my life story and my addiction (and codependency) in the context of role in a patriarchal, capitalistic system. The Issue of Soul ought not be defined by the dicates of a clueless disfunctional society Step 14: I use the events life brings as lessons for growth and accept my mistakes as part of my humanness. Very important is how not to fall ...

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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step seven to twelve   3/22/2006

Step 7: Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings. Willingness to ask for help.ep

Step 8: Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and becoming willing to make amends to them all. Made a list of harm done, restore balance, clear out negative energy. Cleaned up karma. .
Step 10: Continue to take personal inventory and ...

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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dealing with oppressive forces   3/22/2006

We need to overcome the tendency towards collusion with oppressive forces that invalidate our truth. In this patriarchal society, this is especially true for women and minorities.

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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steps one through six   3/22/2006

We admitted we were powerless over (alcohol, food, co-dependency, etc.) -- that our lives had become unmanageable. We admitted we had a problem and that we were squandering our power. This could be shortened to simply: Admitted Step 2: Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. Came to believe we could realign the power ...

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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Amends Step doesn't mean I'm sorry   3/22/2006

Amends Step
Making a List of folks We Have Harmed & folks Who Have Harmed Us & Take Steps to Clear Out Negative Energy by Making Amends & Sharing Grievances in a Respectful
Trust OUR Reality & Daily Affirm that We See What We See, We Know What We Know & We Feel What We Feel.
Promptly Acknowledge OUR Mistakes & Make Amends When Appropriate, but DO NOT ...

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StarGazerWomyn 64 F
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Great Grandfather Creator   3/22/2006

Great Grandfather Creator and Mother Gaea
Grant me Guidance to Discover Within ...
SERENITY to Accept the Things I Cannot Change, COURAGE to Change the Things I Can, & WISDOM to Know the Difference.
Grant Me... PATIENCE with the Changes that Take Time, ...

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This is a dating quiz test of the emergency broadcast system . It is only a test but don't look at her picture because it might kill you and or turn you into stone. Would you go out with a fat cow? Would you go out with the ugliest witch on earth or the moon and stars ? Would you go out with an idiot ? Would you go out with a blackmailer ?
Would you go out with a foul mouth sow ? Would you go out with some one that does not have sense enough to pour piss out of a boot?
Would you like for me to go on and on about this ? Would you pay Adult Friend Finder to see nude pictures of her ?
Answer : Hell no ! ! ! ! !

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I say yesyou say no   3/14/2006

had request to do a survey on lovemaking and sex. Open to your ideas on one or both. We all have different ideas on various tecniques for different things, rather its applies to a relationship or not. Do you like alot of foreplay? Would you rather just kiss up a storm? Do you usually want to just jump into the actual sex act? Maybe you would rather have a glass of wine, with soft music, ...

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bluieddevil 69 M
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Size matters   3/10/2006

Size does matter.. Not in the we all think of though.And I know everyone read this wondering just what I was going to say. What matters is the size of ones heart, the size of their compassion, the size of ones willingness to understand the other person. Take time to get to know someone and all else will be a pleasant surprise. Learn about the persons feelings, desires, and dreams. Not ...

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If there is chemistry.......   3/2/2006

Ask yourself these questions when getting into that feeling of liking someone. If you have a feeling that tells you"wow! this feeling really makes me feel good. And you are alittle bit happier, then you have got chemistry- thats the number one most important when you first meet someone. 1. do you feel happier? 2. is there likes and dislikes alot like your own? you have fun and feel ...

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taylor31 78 F
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How does one Know ?   1/16/2006

How does one know When it's love that is beginning to grow? Connections are made every single day, people glance at one another in just such a way. <br> How does one know when at the beginning everything is so fresh and new, that the feelings are going to be tried and true? Is it an unspoken whisper felt in ones heart? Is that how true love gains its start? Is it a ...

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sunshineokie 72 F
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STRAWS FROM MY BALE: Sunshineokie   1/15/2006

Three days off-work, MLK day, so I'm in here for h o u r to write and read & discuss ....everything under the sun! Dating???!!! Ha! I'm bolder now, we discuss ...that means BOTH of us discuss every detail. We're gonna have a real positive experience No Matter If Sparks Fly Or Not. Each needs to honor each others feelings. I go for blue-jean-tennis-shoes, walk in the park, Zoo or ...

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taylor31 78 F
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FOREVER   12/29/2005

The softness of your lips caress the silk veil of my soul. Your sweet fingers gently hold my heart near, Eyes of an angel Stare down at me and let me smile... A heart of the purest gold melted by God to be poured into my Soul, Such tenderness... Such intelligence... Such Kindness... An aura of gold surrounds your omnipresent Love. ...

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love triangle   12/7/2005

I read on a sign today that, to love someone is one thing, but to be in love is another. I have never heard this before, I find it could be a very interesting topic. Was wondering if there is a difference. Does anybody know??

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what do women want?   12/3/2005

I may seem a little too young and inexperienced (but feel free to educate me) to speak on this subject but based on the little i know from my experiences and that of others both young and old this question comes to mind. they say they want honesty but when the man is honest he gets no where.they say they want a nice guy but apparently the nice men usually finish last.some say they want ...

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Try something new   11/30/2005

You know....I have been reading some of these comments and really..sometimes I think people just think too much! You meet talk and if you like each other it goes futher. its not either like someone or you don't..and if not you go on to the next. No one really knows anyone til they spend some time with them....and if you are stuck on looks or whether they are ...

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what do men want in a relationship   11/27/2005

Okay men, what do you want in a relationship? I will give my opiinion and if you feel I don't know what I am talking about please feel free to educate me, I will look forward to your comments. men are the same as a women, I think, ...... they want respect, honesty, love, which, yes, of course that includes sex, "Greybeard" we are all brought into this world, including the 4 legged ...

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sensuality terms   11/27/2005

I am really interested with all the response from the members on my articles. I like the feedback you give to all of us. One person that I would like to get something clarified is from Greybeard58 if possible, I am interested in knowing what his views are on a sensous being..sorry but I don't know what you are referring to but would like to hear it, and from others.

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5steps on winning a woman   11/25/2005

1. be open and honest 2.put your cards on the table 3.give her love and respect 4.dignity and honour her her like there is no tommorrow.

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Why did Mother nature   11/25/2005

Mother nature couldn't of known what she was doing when she made men and women, because both sexes are so different in nature. Men have always had these ego trips where, if their pride is hurt, women usually know they better watch out. Men seem to be more touchy when it comes to them, you say the wrong thing about what they could be doing wrong, and, oh, my gosh, , ohoh, oops! you stepped ...

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most important   11/25/2005

I have been doing research for many years as there is always something more to learn. Now, I am going to research more on relationships, because sex is so important to most men that I don't know if they know there IS more to a relationship then just sex. I know sex is important in a relationship, but isn't anything else. You can have good sex, but you can have a dirty housekeeper, or one ...

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10 steps to win a man?   6/17/2005

1 Have a well filled purse to stand your round. 2 Know all there is about football. 3 Laugh at everything. 4 Cook as well as his mother. 5 Iron his socks as well as his mother. 6 Let him have the TV control. 7 Get to like lager and curries. 8 Do not drink him under the table. 9 Do not complain when he goes out with his mates. 10 Have you still got that well filled purse? This ...

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10 Steps To Properly Seduce A Woman...   6/10/2005

1. See Her Perspective Start by thinking from the female perspective. We all know guys are more visually based than women. This means guys have a tendency to see something they like and want it right away. This may work in impulse shopping for new sneakers, but it's a mistake when it comes to seducing a woman. Instead of thinking of romance as a check-off, think about how you can extend ...

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Getting To Know One Another   5/21/2005

When you get the opportunity to go on a first date, remember to take the time to get to know him/her. Find out what their likes/dislikes are, such as food, music, movies.find out if they like walking on the beach, especially during the moonlight, or if they like to go dancing.basicially let them know that you care about them as a person, not just an object.

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How far is too far?   3/17/2005

Hello, I always am worried that I am taking things too fast. The problem is that I have a very busy life and the little time I have to spend with playmates tempts me to kick it up a notch.

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How many meetings does it take?   3/17/2005

Hello, how many meetings do you think it should take to take the relationship to an intimate level?

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Richiet 75 M
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The Internet Dating Trap   2/27/2005

The Internet Dating Trap by Tichiet <br> <br> I think that there is a trap in internet dating that preventsus from getting past the first date. This trap is called "Expectations". In the normal process of meeting someone we usually have little or no expectations, similar to when we view a profile for the first time. We have little to go on and ...

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Dating is a lot like cooking..........Follow the recipe   2/27/2005

Two cups of truth and 4 tablespoons of "Well I used to be........" <br> <br> 1 gallon of, maybe I exaggerated just al little when I said I was slim and trim... Actually slim and trim is someone that I used to know.... <br> <br> 4 ounces of, my real hair colour is blonde, brown, black, red.... But the years have turned them to silver..... ...

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gentlewar 69 M
22  Articles
What a Man's Thinking! Silence can be golden.   2/10/2005

“Want to know what a guy’s thinking? I always ask another guy.” said Darcy. “They know in a second, what I had no idea about!” <br> <br> I already had 460 employees, 3 companies. I am extremely positive, friendly, an excellent conversationalist, but I am not chatty. Silence shared can mean more than words. Those ...

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gentlewar 69 M
22  Articles
Don't Ask Your Friends! Do What's Right!   2/8/2005

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN TWO ROADS DIVERGED IN A WOOD I TOOK THE ONE LESS TRAVELED BY AND THAT HAS MADE ALL THE DIFFERENCE Paraphrased R. Frost <br> DIFFERENCE IS STRENGTH Just exactly what does this mean? How can what is bad for most, be good for individuals? Here are some examples. The America Cup Race was 114 years old when this ...

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gentlewar 69 M
22  Articles
How Does A Woman Want to be Loved?   2/5/2005

Gentle cheer, bids you share, quiet morning. Mists, softly lifting, just before dawn. A time for thinking, surrounded by tranquil feelings of daybreak. Still dark, but soon. The beauty of the sun, breathes a delicate glow, into the night. So subtle, you don't even know, ‘til the trees, walk into the light. Day begins. Gentle Warrior calls your name. A magical adventure ...

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Why the younger men prefers older women?   1/26/2005

I think its their experience, sensuality and sapience. I love the older women, for me its very exiting dating, and having a nice season of very very hot sex. They are the best. It´s not a Edipus trauma

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bassam1951 67 M
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The art of Conversation   12/1/2004

I have read this article written by <br> <br> Think back to someone with whom you fell in love. Do you remember your first-date conversation? Chances are you may not recall exactly what you talked about, but you remember how the interaction made you feel. Then came love. <br> When you put your best conversational foot forward, you boost your chances for ...

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joyce246 63 F
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Inter-racial Dating - 2004   11/14/2004

A recent article in Essence magazine is entitled "The Color of Love" and talks about cross-cultural dating. It interviews 3 Black women who are dating or have dated White men. <br> To me, it appears that dating outside of one's race or culture isn't an issue in the younger generation. I'm curious - what do SFF members honestly feel about interracial dating? What are advantages ...

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"The best comforters" by Billy Graham   10/21/2004

Those who have suffered most are often able to comfort others best. Someone who has experienced the same sort of pain is the one who can minister best. However, to say "I know how you feel" is usually unnecessary and frequently unwelcome. No one knows exactly how another feels. Better to say, "I don't know how you feel, I can't really put myself in your shoes but this is how I was ...

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Another response to dating out of your league.   8/23/2004

I am a 54 year old woman who is very much in love with a 23 year old man. We have been together for 2 years. I provide him with nothing but my love, affection and my body which he enjoys immensely and often as do I. I do not "buy" him. I am on a fixed income whilst he is an architect (just). I have no money to give him. Nothing but myself and yet he loves me. What is so wrong with that. ...

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Response to;- Dating out of your league.   8/17/2004

As a reader of this article I could not help but be aware of the commments directed against younger men only. I am sure if the writer of this article would be more open minded and observant she would find thousands of examples of these things happening with a sex reversal since the beginning of time. A study of history, mythology, royal families, famous people will verify the practice of ...

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BrokenLady2000 73 F
20  Articles
Response to Manfred about his "Survey".   7/10/2004

When I first saw the word, survey, I thought it might be an intelligent gathering of information that would give insight to understanding dating.Much to my dismay, it is an accounting of "pubic hair".Just who do you think you are impressing with your knowledge of shaved or unshaved "pussies", that you so freely discuss??I laughed at the image of you with a cat.I don`t think that your ...

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ddonaldd 67 M
9  Articles
When, if ever . . . the tab   7/6/2004

Given that both male and female are of relatively equal economic circumstances; when, if ever, should the female pick up the tab or reciprocate by fixing a meal. This isn't Neverland so the extreme (excellent) is dutch treat on the first date. Very Good is the 2nd date, Good is the 3rd date, So-so is 4th to 10th, Don't Like is at his funeral.

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manfred_l 58 M
2  Articles
Survey for the guys   6/10/2004

Do you prefer a shaven pussy? I must admit that this article is virtually the same as one on another site, but I would be interested to see what my age-group thinks..... My tastes are very similar to the author of the original article: I like my partner to be well groomed to being fully shaven around her vagina for a few reasons: 1) hair retains smell(whether it be good or bad) 2) can't ...

17 Comments, 519 Views, 278 Votes ,0.73 Score
manfred_l 58 M
2  Articles
Survey for the gals (same one)   6/10/2004

Do you prefer your guy with or without pubic hair? <br> How do you prefer it ladies? <br> On this scale: Good= natural Very good= pubic hair trimmed Excellent= cleanly shaven

45 Comments, 708 Views, 148 Votes ,1.91 Score
"Dating" what's that all about?   4/18/2004

I haven't been on a date in forever. I stay at home, go to work, walk the dogs and come back home. Who knows what dating is like these days? To look at TV you'd think that you were supposed to do what feels good and talk about in detail with your girlfriends the next day. What is it like out there for hermits who want to come out of the cave? I just watched Oprah the other day and she had ...

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justone15136 70 F
2  Articles
What do I do and were?   3/31/2004

I have never had this typ of dating befor I live alone and I haven't gone out in the past 2 years , because of past relateships .So now what do I do .

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DesertLady45 72 F
13  Articles
Men & Women..with private insights   9/13/2002

NICKNAMES: If Laura, Suzanne, Debra, and Rose go out for lunch, they will call each other Laura, Suzanne, Debra, and Rose. If Mike, Charlie, Bob, and John go out, they will affectionately refer to each other as Fat Boy, Godzilla, Peanut-Head, and Scrappy. (That is because Mike, Charlie, Bob and John probably are a fat boy, a big lizard, a peanut brain and belongs on a scrap heap.) ...

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You know you are in love when; Everything he or she does, does not upset you. You understand everything about them. You work together as a team without condemnation. You appreciate everything he or she does. You like everything you see on the outside and every- thing you feel on the inside. You are without arguement. You communicate freely what is in each others thoughts. You have no ...

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