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TheHag 71 F
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ANY THREE PEOPLE ...   6/23/2006

If you could have any three people as guests at dinner (now living or from any time in history), whom would you invite and why?
(Will add my own current picks when this has been up a day or two. They change from time to time. Luv & Laughter! The Hag

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BrokenLady2000 75 F
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Response to Manfred about his "Survey".   7/10/2004

When I first saw the word, survey, I thought it might be an intelligent gathering of information that would give insight to understanding dating.Much to my dismay, it is an accounting of "pubic hair".Just who do you think you are impressing with your knowledge of shaved or unshaved "pussies", that you so freely discuss??I laughed at the image of you with a cat.I don`t think that your ...

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