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Group posts by Rocketship
DateGroupTopic Title# Responses
May 27, 2020The Round TableFavorite Poets and Poems9   
May 26, 2020The Round TableSpring and Summer 2020 TV Shows4   
May 26, 2020The Round Table2019/2020 Book and Movie Reviews36   
May 18, 2020The Round TableMay Day Yet Again5   
Apr 11, 2020The Round Table"April" in languages other than English5   
Mar 27, 2020The Round TableWhat newspapers or magazines do you read regularly?21   
Mar 24, 2020The Round TableMARCH Right In3   
Feb 29, 2020The Round TableFantastic February~~~7   
Jan 28, 2020The Round TableJanuary 2020 has arrived!7   
Dec 27, 2019The Round TableDecember has arrived.....6   
Nov 24, 2019The Round TableNovember 2019 -- A Month to be Thankful8   
Nov 24, 2019The Round TableOctober and the Fall Television season......6   
Oct 19, 2019The Round TableFamous People who died in 2017-20199   
Sep 22, 2019The Round TableSEPTEMBER SONG 20198   
Sep 20, 2019The Round TableSummer 2019 TV shows6   
Aug 25, 2019The Round TableOh my August is here already................4   
Aug 9, 2019The Round TableIt's JULY!!!! Yippy~~~6   
Aug 8, 2019The Round TableChanges ??8   
Jul 16, 2019The Round TableMeet our 41 Groups Members3   
Jun 21, 2019The Round TableJune sixth month of the year......4   
May 23, 2019The Round TableMay the fifth month of the year.....8   
May 2, 2019The Round TableApril come forth in all your glory.......7   
Apr 19, 2019The Round TableSummer Craziness~~~~2   
Apr 12, 2019The Round TableMarch 2019: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb?8   
Apr 10, 2019The Round TableWinter/Spring 2019 TV Shows19   
Feb 28, 2019The Round TableA Month for Groundhogs, Valentines and Presidents8   
Jan 28, 2019The Round TableJanuary the first month of the new year.....11   
Dec 31, 2018The Round TableThe Last Month of 2018 is Here12   
Dec 29, 2018The Round TableBook and Movie Reviews for Fall 201813   
Dec 19, 2018The Round TableFall 2018 TV Shows9   
Nov 30, 2018The Round TableNovember Rolls Around Again10   
Nov 3, 2018Hash House Harriersnew member here2   
Oct 30, 2018The Round TableOctober the 10th month of the year......11   
Sep 24, 2018The Round TableSeptember, When the Days Start to Dwindle Down to a Precious Few5   
Sep 11, 2018The Round TableSummer 2018 TV Shows5   
Aug 17, 2018The Round TableAugust Frustration5   
Aug 14, 2018The Round TableAn AUGUST month for an "august" Round Table4   
Aug 12, 2018The Round TableSPRING/SUMMER MOVIE & BOOK REVIEWS17   
Jul 24, 2018The Round TableJULY IS FINALLY HERE!!!7   
Jun 28, 2018The Round TableJune 2018 is Busting Out All Over11   
Jun 25, 2018The Round TableSpring TV Shows14   
May 25, 2018The Round TableMay Day, May Day10   
May 3, 2018The Round TableApril come forth in all your glory.......7   
Apr 16, 2018The Round TableWinter Movie/Book Reviews29   
Apr 13, 2018The Round TableIn Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb12   
Mar 1, 2018The Round TableBlack History Month8   
Jan 20, 2018The Round TableAnd Here We Are!6   
Jan 19, 2018The Round TableJanuary the first month of the new year...6