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rammm148 said
everyday i go through seniorfriend finder. one day i saw a women in black dress in main page i send post fo first 3 times no response, at 4 time igot post how r u then i found her no countined............................... ........................................ ........................ at last we laid on bed with good staminaaaaaa............................ ........................................ ................
parson01072 said

parson01072 said

parson01072 said

jean95 said
At the age of nine, I learned what hardship is.I have to wake up 3am so I can sell vegetables to the market and buy rice for the day's meal.How I wish to wear stockings and shoes which was denied to me by fate.I didn't gave up and I continued my studies despite the hardships and frustrations. People doesn't seem to care. In my solitude, I will just cry and said, don't despair child, one day you will reach the rainbow's end.At the age of 23, I found myself working in a hotel and was so happy coz everyday I have to wear shoes and stockings!I don't know why I love these things. Though tired of pacing to and fro serving guests (i worked as a waitress in the hotel coffee shop)yet I was happy coz I always got a tip! I always served with a smile and in a graceful manner. Thanks God after seventeen years of "climbing rugged mountains, I got a degree at the age of forty!!!
paradise1132 said
I searched on various sites and found interesting women to talk to but not one that was my "soulmate" until on SFF I sent an email to Lifetime Lover. From the first email there were sparks between us. Finally, I asked her for a dinner date. She was in Spain and I was in Costa Rica. The world is so much smaller with the internet and airlines. We spent two wonderful weeks learning about each other. However, we were already in love. We fell in love through the internet, skype and hours of talking before we met. So when we actually did meet we already knew each other. I feel so fortunate to have found the person that is perfect for me. Thank You, Paradise 1132

Lifetime Lovers remarks,

I knew this time that I would look for someone with whom I shared values - this was most important to me in the life I wanted to share with a man. When I received the email from Paradise1132 and read his profile I felt so encouraged that there was someone out there who cared about the same things and not in some abstract way - he was living my dream. Within days after that first contact we were spending every spare minute sharing ideas, learning about each other and falling in love. Without a single touch I was head over heels in love with this man on another continent. He came to meet me for a dinner date and although we were both a little apprehensive before the actual meeting - any concerns we had were a distant memory after that first kiss. I was in the arms of the man I had waited my whole life for.

My advice to anyone else looking for their true love - be true to yourself first and when you write your ad - don't write what you think someone is looking for, search within yourself and write about what you really care about.

There is someone for everyone - I know I have found my Paradise. Lifetimelover
teodora_470460 said
im so excited to join here senior friend finder, to have a more friends and i found my match for me thank you.
airforceone said
I'm not using it anyway. GOT A PROBLEM? NEED ADVICE? ASK AIR! He's full of it. ---------------------------------------- --------- As a child I had a Near Death Experience. Being submerged faced down in a half-full wash tub will do that to you. Fortunately, I guess, mother interrupted my sister’s act of mayhem. Some months later it was discovered that this episode, not breathing for twenty minutes then being revived by a witchdoctor, had left me with certain psychic and intellectual powers. My junior high teacher first noticed this out of the ordinary psychic ability when I successfully foretold a ‘D’ for myself in Ancient History. Want more proof? HUMPH! Well then, I accurately predicted the winner of WWII-----right after the nuking of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. Years of putting this gift into play upon demand has served to improve my accuracy when called upon to do the things that all intelligent psychics do. I can offer advice, look into the future and arouse interest or incite riots by posting controversial political comments. Yes indeed; daily experience has brought this gift to the extreme level. I can now offer advice on any subject, answer questions about anything except Ancient History, predict the future and help give policemen hands-on riot control training. Now you too can be the benefactor of my honed skills. Share your problem(s) question(s) with me, and with 487 million online hackers, then I will be able to help you to: 1. an interesting resolution of problems 2. find true love 3. make better plans for the future 4. start a riot at your next family reunion 5. learn stuff that you thought you would never need to know; and in all likelihood, won’t. Now check out the following example of my response to real life persons inquiry. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Hello there air, I have a computer problem. I can get online and do email but I can’t go other places. I am a very lonely recent widow and tend to be reclusive. The computer is my link to entertainment and communication with the world outside. I live in a trailer/home where I always feel cramped. I am very upset. Please help me to get up and running again? ejane5 ======================== Lady Jane, in this case I sug
aqualityone said
Girls, your profiles are bad! you say to much. you miss out because you limit your responses. The lady Of my life (I hope) our profile had only 2 matches!! Yet after we e-mailed, I found out, not smoking ment not in my home. found out just because she was a little older, did not matter to me.(she 72 me 67) Distance 1600 miles. well, I, m going to make the trip. No mention of travel, I live in a 36' M.H. and travel all the time. (professional Poker Player) found out there are many places she would like to go. Ladys please- all we need to know. Is age, where tou live, your work status, not your preferences, we will find out that thru e-mail etc. first date, dinner, movie drink? come on girls, Any man worth his salt will ask you, plan it with you maybe just coffee in the afternoon so you feel safe. he will show up with flowers, a smile, dressed up properly. Pictures? come on, I want to know you first. If I want pretty girls I, ll buy a mag. And what good does it when I see you high school Pic. and your 65 yrs old. Like to set at home watch T.V. and cuddle, read that again, how many men does that turn on? Go on kiss a frog or two, you know thats where Prince charming is!!! aqualityone.
Jack1931 said
I met a couple at a singles dance. Actually I met a lady that I thought was alone. She invited me to her place for coffee after the dance. I was a bit reluctant and she told me nothing happens on a first meeting.

When I got to her place there were two men and two women. She introduced one man as her partner and live in companion. The other an and one woman as husband and wife and long time friends.

The second lady was very quiet and the lady I was with told me it was her first time too.

I asked first time for what and she said "We swap mates for a few hours" and said "Some times we have group encounters" "But tonight we just want to get aquainted. "

We chatted a bit and then I said I had to go. But they met me on the street two days later andtold me that they were very interested in spening an evening together.

I accepted their invite and went to their house for a BBQ. There were 9 men and 9 ladies. The lady thatwas there before came over and said it was nice to see a friendly face. She asked if I was going to patricipate, I asked if she was going to. She replied yes if you and I could be together. We went off to a bedroom and had a delightful time.
sherree said
i fell in love the first time i met him. as he passed me he took my hand and kissed it.he said if there weren't so many people i would kiss you somewhere else i replied back " who cares" so he kissed me right on the lips mm good my heart was beating so fast it took more then 20 min to slow down. next day he calls me saying right we talked his ex wife called and wanted him back she had told him she was a lesbian and wanted a divorce. the divorce had been final since april.he called me next am at 800 and told me they were going to try to make it. i cried all day he said things like your a doll baby and how i made him feel sugar. i fell for it hook , line, and sinker. my dr. had just told me stress could kill me faster then anything stress i do have i miss him so why (i fell IN love he didn't.
Fantasy50 said
My world was golden. Children grown and my husband and I ready to travel some when he had a massive heart attack and was gone in an hour.We had buried out youngest daughter before that at 27. Then I got word my nrother was gone at 40 and within a year of each other my parents. Could I possibly take more>It seemed my world had gone crazy.Then a serious illnes kept me in hosp for months. The Dr was going to pull the plug when I woke up and said no I am not going anywhere but home. I decided my love was books so I started writing.I have a book in the works, I have poetry plus a book of poetry my daughter had written to edit. I'm retired but I'm not down.I am a tourney director (TD) for a euchre site on the internet, I am also in the starting stages of an internet game, friends and I are designing. I am ready to live again maybe love again. I'm not done with this world yet.
leenie said
Have had much great fun in connection with the older man on this site. they have more knowlege of life. it's just the way life is. the older we get the more we learn going through it. My sucess story saids it all. meeting and keeping in touch with the very best of gentleman from the ages of 68-80 has been a life time of experience.It's always a sucess when making new and lots of friends and then keeping them. this sight is good in bring frendship and people that no longer have family. Good to know that we all here are only seconds away when we need to talk.
kumikochan said
Big thanks to those of you who pitched in and helped welcome a little handle by the name of Kumikochan Saturday night, July 1st. As soon as I jumped into, what seemed to be, a very active 27 member chat room, I was welcomed by nine of those members. For a newbie, I was happy to be engaged in a very upbeat, friendly and fairly diverse conversation. I have attempted a few chat rooms in my two years of trying to fit into a niche or groove, having found myself single again at the uncomely age of 51! I have not once found it comfortable or interesting - until tonight! And Bob, that was kind enough to point out the HELP guide to translate all those cute little chat abbreviations: HAK MTFBWY! There is a place for all of us! THANK YOU Kumikochan
CrazySox said
My handle is Crazy Sox and thanks to Sr. Friend Finder, I found the most wonderful man. I am not into the bar scene and was active in Grief Support Group & Christian Singles. Attend a very small Baptist Church and the local dating scene was something to be desired. One funny story was date with good Baptist man. Had to practically throw him out of my home. Kept thinking what could I hit him over the head with that 1) wouldn't kill him & 2) wouldn't cost that much to replace.

A good friend was already using Sr Friend Finder, so I decided to join. I e-mailed Richard first because his handle was Starting Over Again. I was starting over again so saw his picture and profile - liked what I saw and took the first step. Magic happened in that we just clicked. We have met and seeing each other and I feel like a crazy teenager and we plan to do some traveling together.

We have so much in common and both love Mickey Mouse and what really got this started was when Richard found out I had a Mickey Mouse toaster - he did too. I am a die hard Razorback fan so sports is very important to me. Richard loves sports and we bet Yankee Dimes (kisses) on the games and I love to lose. ha

I talk a lot, really rattle a lot and I wear Crazy Sox with my bluejeans cause like the Mickey Mouse toaster - life is to short not to. The best part is Richard puts up with this. I am 72 yrs young and Richard just turned 73. I would like to tell the gals my age that magic does happen - it did to me.

Thanks to my good friend Donna who talked me into joining Senior Friend Finder. And by the way, my dearest friend Donna has also met a wonderful guy on Senior Friend Finder. So gals, hang in there - that special guy is out there waiting.

Betty or Crazy Sox
donnijoe said
Man, I had just gotten out of a 15y relationship and had been a lone for 4yrs, and I was on my kid computer and fond sff. It was hard in the begaing but it got better and better I have met some very cool people here. Friends that will last for years, thank you sff donnijoe
PearlDrummer said
Yes, Senior Friend Finder has cool people, but there's something I just don't understand. Being a musician whose audiences are primarily senior citizens, I'm confronted with a problem. I hope somebody can give me the answer.

Does it drive you crazy when you see kids playing rock & roll in their cars and making all that noise? Now, I'm not talking about or HIP-HOP or any of that trash, I'm talking about rock & roll.

Does it drive you nutty when the kid down the street starts a band and practices in his garage 2 hours a day? Again, all that noise.

When somebody tells you that they're going to play some rock music on the radio, CD or tape player, do you cringe?

Do you just hate rock & roll?

Well, I've got some shock news for you and you probably don't even want to hear it, but it's all true.

If you're between 60 and 70 years of age, then it's your own fault. I know this because I'm of that generation, myself. You see, we (our generation) started rock & roll. We were the very first to accept it, but the records, dance to it (we even made up our own dance steps, like the "Bop") and even promoted it.

When Chuck Berry's "Maybelline" was released in 1951 (that's right, '51) and it sold like hot cakes, that's what started the landslide.

We were getting tired of our parents "Big band music" even though we learned how to dance to it. And that old fashioned junk that Roy Acuff was pushing on "The Grand Ol' Opry" was sounding all the same no matter who the band was. We wanted something with a little kick to it. We wanted to stop all the confinement of Dad & Mom's music and jump around, swing our arms, clap our hands and scream to some music. The folks didn't even want us dancing close together.

And Rhythm & Blues? Why, to all of us that were white kids in those days, that was "Race Music" to our parents, and they wouldn't allow it in the house. So, when Bill Haley (and old C&W musician) released "Crazy, Man, Crazy" in 1953, we ate it up. Then he did "Rock Around The Clock" that they put in that movie, "Blackboard Jungle". We were hooked, totally.

So, today, when you hear CCR, or The Eagles or whoever, you've got nobody to blame but yourselves. And don't try to tell me you never danced to it.
PearlDrummer said
I want to tell you about the greatest success of my life, but also the biggest loss of my life. When I was 12 years old, in the 7th grade at Wilson Jr. High School in Eugene, Oregon, I suddenly found out about girls. What a shock. I'd always hated girls before because they dressed different, they couldn't play baseball and they wouldn't even play cars with me in the dirt. They were just no fun. But all of a sudden, they were looking cute. I couldn't figure it out, but they were....and I was interested. Somebody told me that there were a whole bunch of cute girls at another Jr. High in Eugene, Roosevelt. Somehow, I got a hold of a student hand book from there and it had all the kids phone numbers in it, listed by grades. I started calling all the girls from there and eventually I hit a bingo. A girl actually talked to me. Wow! Her name was Donna Parish and she said that she'd like to meet me. HOTDOG!! She set it up with a girlfriend of hers and we met at the other girl's house. I had been under my brother-in-laws influence for some time and he taught me how to dress. So, on the appointed Saturday afternoon in November 1950, I showed up at Rosie's house wearing my best pegged khaki pants, White Stag jacket, light blue long sleeved shirt...and I even shined my shoes. I was COOL!!! We all introduced ourselves and Rosie put on some records. I didn't even know how to dance, so Donna showed me. Wow! I was in heaven. Then she started dancing real close to me. I didn't know how to react. Then she kissed me. It was the first time I ever kissed a girl. All I could see the rest of the day was hearts, flowers, beautiful clouds in the sky....I was in love! It's funny, but very shortly after that day, Nat Cole's song "Too Young" was released. It very quickly became our song and we were "going steady". Three years later, my parents moved to another town 250 miles away and even though we wrote to each otherfor a long time, she finally met somebody else and married him. I spent the rest of my life wondering what ever happened to her and if she was ok. In 1991, I retired from Las Vegas and decided to go back home to Oregon. I had been divorced for some years and decided to go back and find Donna.
PearlDrummer said
I wanted to find Donna again. I had no idea if she was even alive or what her situation was. I hadn't seen or heard of anyone from Eugene since 1956. I figured that she was probably married to some rich guy and had everything in the world that she could want. But, still I wanted to see and talk to her once more. The love that little kid had in 1950 was still there. I moved up to Portland, but every chance I got I drove down to Eugene to search for her. Finally I looked in a phone book and found that her parents were still listed. I hesitated when I saw the name because both my parents were dead and I remembered that her parents were older than mine. But, I decided to take a chance and called the number. When a woman answered, I asked, "Is this Lois (Donna's mother)." She answered, "Yes, who's this." I said, "You probably don't remember me because it was a long time ago. My name is Jim Meek." "Oh, sure. I remember you", she said. "Donna and I were just talking about you last week." Then she went into a very long dissertation about all the family news and it seemed like hours before I could finally ask her where Donna was. She answered, "Oh, she's in Salem. She's divorced." My heart almost exploded and I was having a tough time trying to catch my breath, but I finally got it out, "Well, could I have her phone number? I'd like to call her and talk about old times." What a liar. I couldn't wait to call her. I'm sure that Lois knew, too. Too make a long story a little shorter, I found Donna and we did finally get married. We had the most beautiful 15 years together that even we could ever have imagined. It really was a living fairy tail. In 2000, Donna was diagnosed with emphysema, and shortly after, she further diagnosed with COPD (also a lung disease. It was incurable. For the past 6 years I watched her life slowly drain away as her life faded. I did the best I could to keep her comfortable and happy. Eventually, she could no longer keep house, do laundry or cook and I was far more than willing to take over for her. Then, 4 months ago, she could no longer walk, so I helped her into her wheel chair and took her outside on the porch to see the outdoors.
PearlDrummer said
The street where we live is almost all "snowbirds". Retired people who come to Arizona to spend winters. Our street is just a little different, however. We have made a Christmas "Street of Lights" out of it and we have a huge display. When all the lights were turned on, I bundled Donna up, packed her in her wheel chair and took her up and down the street to see this year's decorations. She loved it. But we both knew that 2005 was to be her last Christmas. Right after Christmas I noticed that she was eating less and less and her body was losing all the muscle. She was losing weight very rapidly and her breathing was getting worse. She finally told me on New Years Day that she wanted me to put her in a nursing home. I told her that I can't do that. If I did, she'd be dead in a week, among strangers. She told me that she wanted to give me my freedom because I was tied down with her. I reminded her of our marriage vows, "in sickness and in health" and told her that I could not nor would not put her in a nursing home. All through January she grew progressively worse and by February her breathing was so bad that she could only speak 8 to 10 sylables in one breath. On February 5th, I had to take her to the hospital where she stayed for 8 days, most of which was in ICU. On February 13th, they let her come home. I figured out later that they only released her because there was nothing more they could do for her. When we got home, she told me that she knew she was dying and made me promise to find someone to share my life with. I very hesitantly promised her that I would. On February 22, Donna was visited by a rehab nurse. The nurse took one look at her an ordered me to take her to the hospital. When we got to the hospital, the doctor took one look at her EKG and told me that she was having a heart attack. She died at 12:32 that night. I cried for over a week and finally decided that she was right. That's when I found Senior Friend Finder. So, I'm looking for someone, not to replace Donna, but to fill in the gap in my life. I want to give everything that I couldn't give to Donna. Thank you for letting me get it off my chest and be able to continue on. Jim Meek, Yuma, Arizona
naugthy said
i love the senior friend finder network, because one can find a life time partner through it with when you meet someone who share the same dreams as you.
tweetyNsylvester said
When one comes into the chatrooms to seek someone out that they feel may just be that special someone that they have been searching for it is at times a very difficult thing to do...some have been hurt so bad before either by emotional or physical pain, while there are others who have gotten sick and tired of being alone in life.And then there are still those who will come into a chatroom simply looking for someone to become friends with others and have a place where they can become comfortable and at ease with those in the room and just simply chat and chide with each other.In this case I (sylvester) am going to talk about the ones who want to find that special someone with whom they can relate to and form a bond, a bond which if nurtured could become something more a life with two souls that slowly but surely become as one.

I (sylvester) have first hand experience on this matter as I have met my soulmate in SFF and we have become as such...two hearts and souls melded into one happy and loving couple.This was something that at first I had thought to be impossible, little knowing that in God's world everything is indeed possible.I was timid and quite shy at first when I first entered the chat scene in SFF...but with the many warm-hearted and kind people in the rooms I found that this problem would be short lived...of which of course I am very happy and pleased about.

Yes, I met and chatted with some of the lovely and warm ladies in the room...and some even would send me warm wishes and hugs, say hello and ask how I was doing.This was a new experience for me as I was much a loner throughout most of my life...excluding of course the few times I had my heart broken and dreams dashed to pieces.And after some time I found the one special lady that I later found to be my soulmate.She and I met in my home town and we hit it off almost immediately...we have been together ever since and yes, we have had some rather rough weather but by sitting down and talking with (not at) each other we have become inseperable.Now we come into the chatrooms as a couple (as many of our friends know by now) and we enjoy passing on the joy and jubilations of a newly wed couple with all who ask how we are. My point in all of this (since I am still somewhat a novice at this writing bit...hehehe) is that one can indeed find whatever or whoever the
kountry_woman51 said
This story is about a guy I met on the sister site called Adult friend finders. However, if I had met him here, the results would be the same. I wanted to tell our success story. I chatted, cybered and even went out with a few good men online and from AFF the sister site for senior friend finders. But it was not until I met a man named Ventrman, that I felt cupids arrow tug at my heart once more.

His profile sounded like he was trying to impress the dead poetry society. His picture was not that good. I did not even know where that town in Tennessee was, nor did I really care. I had this guy pegged as a real “Phony, ” like 75% of the other guys here online. So I gave him a hard time to see if he had the back-bone to handle a real woman.

He replied with bold type, stating that he was not a phony and if I would meet him in a public place he would prove it. Adding that if we hit it off could he have me for desert.

We had a marvelous time all the way through dinner. For some reason I felt drawn to this big man, who I call my sexy teddy bear. It was as if we have known each other a long time and we meeting each other to plan the next stage of our lives. We both have had some real bad-luck in our lives. I looked into his eyes and said, “Don’t you think it about time we make our own good luck…..we can start with you having me as desert!”

Kountry_woman51 & Ventrman Feb 3, 2006
sunshineokie said
HELLO FROM SUNSHINEOKIE: Short-n-sweet...Heard only 'booger-man' stories about cyber-friendships &/or dating. AND there IS some 'strange stuff' -out there. HOWEVER, IT'S "out there" -on OR off- line. One still needs to use ones'"white matter" {brains & common sense}. I am very pleased with all the SFF features! (i.e.) BLOG, Magazine, Secure E-mail., Photos, Match Box, And More! I've 'met' gals AND guys that seem like 'my nextdoor neighbors'. I enjoy the wit, comrraderee, AND the romance I have going with a Romeo Arkansawyer. :O) Just these few months, sharing with other wholesome "Seniors" has given me a boost in self-esteem. Now, being a single '60'"Senior" packs some punch, even better than the old high school/college days. Rah! Rah! Rah! SFF! Sincerely, Sunshineokie
Lonely6656 said
My story is simply this:I have been on SFF for approximently 1 month.Coincidently, I have found a very sweet and exciting woman on SFF.I have known her for approximently the same time.She and I live across the country from eachother but that has not seemed to detoured or derailed our progress of a beggining and maturing relationship.We talk everyday, wheather it be from work, home, or anything else inbetween.She takes me with her on her cell phone to the gas station and I take her to the liquor store on mine.We are inseperable and always enjoy and like being with eachother no matter wherever that might be.We will be meeting eachother very soon and I know that we will continue with one another.I never talked so much on the phone in my life until I met her.We can talk on the phone for hours and then we look up and wonder where all the time went.She is truely a great partner and companion and I thank god every single day that he brought her into my life.Honey, if you are reading this, just remember that I love you very much!!
gypsysfriend said
Some time has passed since I filled out a profile here, uploaded pix, and joined the rest of the single world. I admit I appeared on other sites, military/law&order, you know. I remember the luxury of having time to scroll through profiles and pictures of guys anytime I wanted to (and speed-changing the screen when my teenagers came around, having survived a couple of "Mom's lookin' for love again" laugh riots when they sneaked up on me).

The truth is, this SFF site is fun; lots of stuff to think about and a way to discover what's important to other people, their interests, values, hopes. So I'm back!
winkie1955185 said
i beleive why i look for man, it because of important to me to have male with my life and real enjoy ...i do understand male feeling already because already ilearn before happen to here i am deaf so i did not see any one deaf been there before as real so i am very thriller.. i just found the senior its very awesomefor me to see it it will be nice and hope work for me thank lord for me to look this program smile luneeda
ConeyIsBabe said
When I first joined SFF about 2 years ago, I was new in the town of Grants Pass, Oregon, and had no friends. At that time I was living with a gentleman and all I really wanted was to have a gal/pal to hang out with, go shopping with, lunch, etc., so I worded my ad very specifically. One lady my age contacted me and we met, became friends and "mission accomplished". She welcomed me into her life, introduced me to other people and we're still girlfriends!! THANK YOU so much SFF!!
resurrection777 said
Miracles still happen. Neil and I met here. I lived in Seattle. He lived in St Paul. His ad said he couldn't leave St Paul because of High School age sons. My ad said I had fallen in love with the Pacific Northwest and would not wish to relocate.

Love is mighty, however. We are St least for now. We may try WA or OR after the kids are grown.

Emmy Lou Harris has a song entitled, "A Strong Hand" might want to listen to it. We even ended up having my daughter sing it acapella at our wedding.

Though I was alone for 13 years (3 years separated, 10 years divorced), I have grown, had some counseling, dated galore, read, wrote...just plain old matured. (Good idea by 53, don't you think?) Despite a life where I had a sense of gratitude for every day, a basic joy...I longed to share that joy.

Now I may do so.

Wishing each of you that same good fortune, Deborah
Pollyanna5 said

When I first found my way to SFF, my husband had passed away. I made time pass in the evenings by distracting myself with all the different pictures and profiles of men in the age group I thought I would be interested in.

I can't tell you what a great "bandaid" being able to do that was for me.

It wasn't until I discovered Blogging that this website really blossomed into a whole new friendship experience. You see, after receiving a few contacts, I realized that I am not really ready for a new love. I realized that I needed to connect.

Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me. There are things I need to share. Receiving comments has been the best. Both men and women participate. I have begun to see what each person is through what they think and how they feel. This information is missing from a nice picture and a good profile line.

At our age, love is a very serious thing. Some of us don't feel like we have much time for just fooling around. I would really like people to read my Blog called "Too Hot To Handle". It has to do with "attractions". What they mean and how true they are. I agree with Judge Mabeline on her Divorce TV program. We've got to "look deep, before we leap".

I am enjoying the funny stories. It is so good to laugh. The more serious Blogs make me think. I also enjoy being able to comment on the Blogs. I read them each morning like many people read the news paper. It's the best way to start my day. Thank you so much for all your effort SFF. I am only one 62 year old widow. But I love you and I love all the participants. Love, Pollyanna
shyone2004 said
Thank you so much, YoungAtHeart.I wrote to let you know how your site helped me to meet such a great man. Well, now I would like to tell you that he has proposed to me! We will be getting married on October 15th, though I will still love getting on here to chat with the great friends we have made. I hope that others will have such luck with those they meet! Thanks again, YoungAtHeart.
SheWoIf said
I joined YoungAtHeart in July, 2004, and have met many nice people. While I just said hello to most of these people, some I would strike up a true caring friendship with (women and men).
I had a couple of almost meetings, and then, just when I made up my mind to merely enjoy the use of YoungAtHeart as a means of making "Friends", I started talking to one of those "would like to know better and be good friends with".
KSman respected my desire to keep our friendship Platonic. We began to talk on a regular basis around January, and then on a daily basis in February. I enjoyed talking to him, and felt as if something were missing if we did not talk. A couple of my women friends found out I was talking with him, and they have talked to him before.. They both told me "SHE! He is perfect for you!" "Oh, no," I said, "We're just friends."
But this got me to looking closer at how I was feeling about this "Friend".
I wasn't sure how to approach how I was feeling towards KSman, and one day, in a chat room, the conversation was about marriage. KSman was there, and saw that I put "I will never get married again".. His comment to me was, "Be careful, SheWoIf. You may end up eating your words."
That got to me, so I asked him to join me in IM and I admitted how I was beginning to feel. He admitted to me that he felt the same way towards me. From that moment on, our conversations changed, and the discussion turned towards marriage. We finally got to meet during Easter weekend, and KSman proposed to me that Saturday. I accepted.
We will get married July 16th, 2005, and I will be moving to be with him in Kansas. I have already given my notice at work, and started packing. (KSman was here on the last weekend of May and took a load of my things home with him.)
So when we eat our wedding cake, I will be eating my words! I love this man to pieces! I guess for me the success came when I stopped looking for someone special, and just let the friendship develop!(Of course it helped that he respected my wishes.) I love you, KS . . . and YoungAtHeart, thanks for the chat rooms!
Gaye38 said
Back about June of last year I joined sff's in search of adult interractions, had just moved to an area where I did not know any one, except for my family that I lived with, I had to retire because I was having health problems. I didn't have great expectations about finding a mate really just looking for people in the area to spend time with and to visit. Was divorced Dec.2003 and swore I would never marry again. I met some very nice friends and really enjoyed the chat rooms. Right after I first joined I met Ray4, we visited in chat casually and eventually he sent me his album of paintings. we e-mailed about them, and finally started instant messenging. I live near Dallas and he was in England with 6 hour time difference, by November we were instant messaging 8-9 hours a day talking on the mic and seeing each other on the web cam, and had started talking on the phone a few times a week, By December we were on line 10-12 hours a day and talking on the phone every other day. One day Ray came into the room and told everyone he was going to marry me, and in January we were on the phone daily making plans for our contact vist Jan, 31, 2005. When we met at DFW it was love at first sight and we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. So on February 14th we were married, and now waiting on his resident visa to arrive. All this Thanks to Senior Friend Finders and some devine intervention. Thanks for a Great site I will always send my senior friends to Senior Friend Finders. Have my true love and some vey good friends because I joined your site. Gaye38
star6 said
I found my friend and soulmate with the aid of Senior Friend Finder. I had been on SFF for a period of 11 months and met many nice people. Many were not from my state but with the help of my friends on SFF I ventured into the world of chat get-togethers called "luncheons", some of which I hosted myself. On this particular night of New years Eve I hosted a party in Birmingham, Alabama. We had a small crowd but had a wonderful time. On SFF 1 week prior I had invited a new gentlemen with the handle of "slohands" from the site to attend our party. He lived about 1 1/2 hours from me and was reluctant at first but did attend. Immediately at our first greeting he and I found that we had very much in common and somehow we just seemed to relate to each other. I am thankful that over 1 year ago I decided to take a risk and join SFF. I was lonely and needed friends, I found them. I was looking for a soulmate and my dream has been fulfilled. To all who are out there that are lonely and disgusted, please don't give up. Your dream is out there too......To my soulmate, thank you for taking a risk and coming to my party......Sincerely, Star6 from Alabama
Gaye38 said
In June of 2004, I joined YoungAtHeart looking for adult interaction and hopefully a few friends, with the vague hope of finding someone to grow old with. I was very picky about the kind of person that I wanted to associate with. However, I immediately found a few very good friends from the Dallas/Ft Worth area. I even met the man of my dreams shortly thereafter, but didn't know it at the time: then we just spoke in chat and exchanged an e-mail or two. He sent me his album of paintings and pictures, and that is mainly what we talked about for a long time.
Things started changing in late October and we started talking more and more. Eventually we were IMing on a daily basis, for hours every day. The time difference between England and the US is 6 hours, so at 6:00pm for me it was 12 midnight for him. Not only were we separated by miles but also by a terrible time difference, and it was getting to the point where neither of us slept much. Some time in November we started talking on the phone a few times a week; by mid December it was many times a week and we were very much in love.
By the beginning of January we were talking almost daily. We knew so much about each other that one could start a sentence and the other would finish it. It was true that many times we both had our doubts that this could be true love: it was just too unheard of for people to be in love without ever making eye contact. By January, though, we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together.
Ray arrived at DFW on January 31, 2005, and the minute we met we knew we were made for each other. There were no doubts at all. On February 14th we were married. Our thanks to YoungAtHeart for having such a wonderful site and for making it possible for us to meet. Gaye38
Gaye38 said
In June 2004 I joined sff's looking for adult interaction, some friends & penpals and hoping to meet the man of my dreams. Immediatly I met some very good friends, alot from the Dallas/Ft Worth area, and also the man of my dreams Ray4, but didn't know that then, we were just casual friends, speaking in chat and e-mailing occasionally. He paints and I was very interested and he sent me his album. I don't know when things started changing, sometime in October I think, we began to converse more often and started iming privatly a few times a week, then it became a few times a day, later becoming almost constantly. Using a mic and webcam at first, then finally started visiting on the telephone a few times a week, by this time we knew that we were falling in love, but still had lots of trust issues, thousands of miles seperating us and a 6 hour time difference (when its 6:00pm here, its 12:00 am in the UK) So it made it very difficult for us to talk much unless one or the other lost alot of sleep, Usually him as I was caring for a 6 year old grandson and couldn't nap in the day time. By mid November we were online and on the phone at least 18 hours a day, and talking on the phone several times a week and still having our doubts that were in love, We were told there is no way you can be in love without meeting eye to eye ( That is the stupidest Statement ever made, it happens all the time.)We continued like this througout all of December, left chat to avoid the people there and spend more time alone. By January we knew for sure it was true love there was no doubt in our minds and When Ray4 arrived at DFW on January 31st we immediatly knew it was true. We were married on February 14th and couldn't be happier. Would like to have invited some of our friends to our wedding, but just decided a very small and private wedding was all that we wanted. There is a phone companty online where you can call England for 3 cents a minute with a 46 cent connection fee, that we were lucky enough to find, made calling for us much easier. We want to Thank sff's for making our meeting possible with your site and to thank all our good friends who stood beside us through our getting together time. Yes people you can meet your mate on this site, and long distance relationships can work, but you have to be willing to work out your faith and trust issues for it to work. A fellow from England said it all one day in chat and I quote "Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained) We believed this.Good Luck to all of you out there Gaye38
islandgeni said
Hawaii is truly a paradise. I was widowed after a long relationship. Life was satifying as a mom and grandmother. But something was missing. I took a trip to Maui, HI and fell in love with the flowers, trees, sky, and people. I enjoyed socializing and having a wonderful time exploring and trying new adventures. Horseback riding, volcano bike riding, paragliding, hiking, snorkeling and many more. Life was fun, but that special someone was missing. I went to your site quite by accident and was hooked. I was a basic member and winked at a man who sounded sincere. When golfermort winked back and emailed me, we started to communicate and finally talked on the telephone. Then we had our first date that clicked. We were a 100% match, and things skyrocketed and now we are married. We both had long marriages that reflected similar lifestyles and think our former spouses are connected in Heaven smiling down on us. Since our 100% match in June of 2004, to our Wedding in October of 2004 in beautiful Hana Maui, HI to today and our life on the Big Island of Hawaii, we are truly a match made in Heaven via seniorfriendfinder. Mahalo and Aloha from paradise, islandgeni and golfermort.
koallagirl65 said
Hi! I met my husband to be (wedding date 2/12/05) here on SFF on the ONLY time he ever came into chat room was instant connection. He is from Dundee, Scotland and I am in the USA...It was a real fairy tale story and happenings. We first talked in early April DOES happen...MAGIC!
mbridget said
I just discovered YoungAtHeart and am having fun looking through interesting discriptions of men. How very different people are when they describe things they want others to know about them! I am optimistic I will find someone soon. This place looks great. Bridget
barbara23 said
Well here is my story…it’s not going to be very long but it’s a great one. I was chatting in the gazebo one night in the month of 6-04 and I met a very nice man who called himself labrat. We chatted for quite a while and became friends. We talked every night for about four months. His name is marvin l. and he is just wonderful. He is a gentleman and we have been seeing each other since we met. He comes to visit me whenever he has two days off in a row .Thank you sff for having such good people in your group. Sincerely, barbara23
italygrandma said
I am a married woman..says so in my profile..I have met lots of GREAT new friends. Some just to chat with online..some as day to day friends. I enjoy the chance to visit around the world that the site gives me.
RUBZ said
A friend has been trying to unsuccessfully get me to join an online dating service for eight years. Last month she succeeded with SFF. I have met a man (Thunderchicken) who had been a member only 4 days. We have met several times(125 miles apart or more), and it looks so promising. We talk every day 3-6 times at least. Thank you SFF!!! You know what? I know if this relationship doesn't work, SFF, once again will come to the rescue! No more loneliness for me. RUBZ
mott2015 said
Have met so many wonderful friends in chat and at get-togethers. Thank you SFF for our chat rooms. Keep up the good work...Mott67
SkyCop said
I have been with SFF for about two years. I was separated when I first joined and have been divorced a year. I have met a lot of nice ladies and have established several good friendships and true friends. I still believe this is the place to meet that special person and I will continue looking. You can't set back and wait for what ever will be will be or you will still be waiting. I'll find that lady I can't live without in SFF because those I have met are my type people.
SkyCop said
I have been with YoungAtHeart for about two years. I was separated when I first joined, and have been divorced a year. I have met a lot of nice ladies and have established several good friendships and made some true friends that I hope will be lifetime friends. I still believe this is the place to meet that special person and I will continue looking. You can't sit back and wait for "whatever will be will be" or you will still be waiting. I'll find that lady I can't live without in YoungAtHeart because those I have met are my type of people. Thanks, YoungAtHeart
Andy4U2 said
Best wishes to all on Senior Friend Finder. I met Mary via this medium in January 2004 and almost 10 months later we're happily living in our new arrangement. We plan to get married in May 2005. Our fun loving spirit has brought us both a long way, we do enjoy each other's company and look forward to being together for many years. Of course Mary operates on the 10 year renewal plan, in 10 years we must renew or resign from marriage. We'll see if we consider that important by then. If you care to email us, please do. Again best wishes to all. Andy and Mary
sch111 said
This site is great! I've been really enjoying finding new friends, and I'm hoping to find a soulmate. Thanks.
Pinksunset said
I've managed to meet a few good friends on here already! I'm not lonely anymore :)
BodiceTan said
I'm amazed at the quality of people I meet on here - just last week i met this really great lady - she and I went to the coffee shop and talked for hours. It was a great start to a lasting friendship, I'm sure!
delladelaney said
I'm a married lady whose profile made no pretense of desiring a relationship of any kind. Several men have questioned why I am on SFF, but I found what I was own peers, mature thinking, intelligent life in the great beyond and a bit of restoration of faith in mankind, in general. How refreshing it is to discover a site where seniors chat...either for dating or pen pals. I'm very satisfied with my new acquaintances. Thanks SFF.